Calcium chloride with the chemical formula CaCl2 is an inorganic salt. It is an odorless chemical and a crystalline-shaped chemical with a whitish color. The chemical is formed by the reaction of hydrochloric acid and calcium hydroxide. It is soluble in water, alcohol, and acetic acid.

Calcium chloride as a chemical salt serves many purposes. It is useful in the house and also in industries. This article will give you information on the top 5 uses of calcium chloride.

1. Residential Uses

Calcium chloride can be used for many purposes in the house. Firstly, it can be used as a de-icing agent. It is more effective in de-icing than sodium chloride, which can be its replacement. The solution of calcium chloride is capable of preventing freezing at a temperature of about -52°C (-62°F).

Secondly, calcium chloride is also used in residential areas to maintain the road due to its hygroscopic nature. A concentrated solution of calcium chloride helps in keeping the road wet and disallow dirt on the surface of the roads.

Furthermore, calcium chloride enhances water quality in swimming pools. It makes the water hard enough and keeps the pool safe and makes it good for swimming for a long time.

2. Industrial Uses

Calcium chloride can also be used in industries. It is used in the mining industry as a freeze conditioning agent(FCA) during winter to ease the unloading and conduction of minerals. It is used in paint production as a solidifying agent and in the manufacture of rubber as a coagulant.

Calcium chloride can also be used in the oil industry to enhance the density of brines. It can be used as an additive in fire extinguishers and plastic making.

3. Medical Uses

Calcium chloride also finds application in the medicine and health industry. It is useful for the treatment of certain health conditions and deficiencies.

Calcium chloride is a salt used in treating hypocalcemia in the body. It helps in treating the loss of calcium disorder in the body. The chemical also helps the body to accumulate in the calcium blood level. It is also used in the treatment of Arrhythmia which is a disease of an irregular heartbeat.

4. Construction

In construction, calcium chloride (CaCl2) has been a useful chemical salt. It has been useful for many purposes in construction such as speeding up the concrete mixing process.  It is also used for strengthening concrete. However, when it is reinforced concrete, it is advisable not to use it to avoid corrosion due to the presence of chloride ions.

Calcium chloride can also be used as a component in ceramic slipware to cease the particles of clay that wander around the solution, to make the slip casting technique to be easy to use.

5. Food

Calcium chloride (CaCl2) serves many purposes in the food industry. The chemical salt can be used as a food additive and also as a firming agent and sequestrant. It is very useful in the production of canned vegetables, vegetable or fruit juice, and production of soya curds. The chemical also finds application as an electrolyte in the making of beverages and sports drinks.

In pickles production, calcium chloride is used as a flavor without having to increase its sodium contents. It is also used for the preservation of sliced apples and caramel-filled chocolate. It can be used to forestall bitter pits and cork spots when applied on the apple tree during the cause of growing late. Calcium chloride is added with the coagulant in a processed milk to bring back the balance of the intermediate relation of protein and calcium in cheesemaking.

Calcium chloride is used to neutralize brewing water as a mineral deficiency in brewing beer. During fermentation, Calcium chloride also affects the yeast function. In the brewing process, calcium chloride also influences chemical reactions and flavor.

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