Camachem Success Story

Our customer from Brazil recently came to China to visit the chemical manufacturing plant and discuss further cooperation

Happy Customers

Customer left China very happy!


Our Customer’s Original Challenge

Customer was producing Dicalcium Phosphate locally but there were some challenges:

    1. local raw material shortage
    2. High local tax & production costs
    3. Quality control issues

Our customer required to maintain the same quality to supply their own use and supply other local companies

These all made it difficult to continue and customer need to find alternative fast!

Dicalcium Phosphate Factory and Manufacturer

DCP Production Facility



Camachem Solution: Our Chemical Sourcing Process

  • After studying customer Certificate of Analysis (COA) requirements, we identified a factory that using suitable raw material and could get the right chemical grade of 18%

Dicalcium Phosphate 18% Certificate of Analysis

Close up of Dicalcium Phosphate Samples

We ensured the correct mesh size for customer needs

Dicalcium Phosphate Sample

We sent out two rounds of samples for testing (both passed! yay!)

  • At Camachem, we always provide FREE samples for industrial chemicals to prospective customer

Camachem Sample Tracking with FEDEX

We provided tracking for the samples so customer could always know where product is


Camachem Sample Approval

Samples were approved again!! (yay again!)

Chemical Trial Order

  • After samples were approved there was test order of 1 container loading 26 tons that was sent for further testing

Dicalcium Phosphate in Bulk

Factory Inspection

  • Our customer wanted to understand the capacity of the factory, so he came to China and we showed him the plant and major production areas

Camachem Customer Visiting Chemical Manufacturer

  • Our customer wanted to understand and see the raw material input, so we took him to the production line where he had a chance to feel the product and see the machine in production.

Camachem Close Up on Dicalcium Phosphate

Fresh DCP from the production line and still warm!

Dicalcium Phosphate Manufacturer in China Visit

More discussion in the DCP factory warehouse: Always better to discuss things in place!

Camachem Chemical Manufacturer Cooperation Discussion

He wanted to discuss more cooperation face to face

Camachem Welcomes You To Cooperate

Most importantly, he also wanted to enjoy some of our local food!

China Factory Visit Result/Next Steps

Conclusion: Visit was successful because customer understand factory capacity was suitable, quantities could be increased and now we will continue helping our customer with his chemical needs

Camachem Happy Chemical Customers

  • After tests passed again, customer was ready to increase quantity to 1000-2000 tons/month depending on demand

  • While in China, the customer identified two other chemicals (MCP 22% and MDCP) that he required and Camachem will also source these for him!


Dicalcium Phosphate Loading in Containers

Loading DCP 18% into Container in 25kg bags without pallets
We can load up to 26 tons!!

It was a very successful trip that create more trust, understanding each other and better cooperation


Next Stop: Santos Port, Brazil

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