How To Successfully Import Chemicals to Morocco

Morocco became a major economic hub in the region due to its strategic location as a geographical and cultural bridge between Africa and Europe. The Moroccan economy grew at an average rate of 5.1% over the past ten years thanks to increased growth in the primary sector (4.3%), stable growth in the non-agricultural sector (4.9%), and an average growth rate of 5.2% in the service sector. This indicates that the country has a good economy for business survival.

China is known for its high level of expertise, competence, infrastructure, and resources, which helps importers increase revenues while offering rapid and cheap access to more chemicals. Hence, China is one of the best countries to import chemicals from. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about chemical imports into Morocco.

Introduction to Morocco Chemical Market

Chemical and para-chemical industries (ICP) play an important role in Morocco's economy due to the diversity of their products and their organic link with upstream and downstream economic activities. From 2003 to 2013, these industries grew steadily, partly because of the government's policy for the industry and partly due to changes in consumer habits.

For many years, the country has pursued an economic and financial openness policy to integrate the Moroccan economy into a global one and contribute to the consolidation of a multilateral trade system. The existence of the Office Cherifien des Phosphates (OCP), a global producer of phosphates, also supports the sector. Its activities account for 52% of the sector's sales, 90% of exports, 67% of investment, and 22% of job opportunities. Agriculture, tourism, and phosphate minerals are the major resources of the Moroccan economy. Meanwhile, below is an overview of chemical usage in the country:

  • Agriculture

Agriculture generates over 13% of Morocco's GDP and employs approximately 31% of the Moroccan workforce when combined with the fishing and forestry sectors. Many Moroccan agricultural producers still employ traditional methods and have limited access to production inputs such as fertilizers, herbicides, and machinery. Easy access to chemicals from China will expand the agricultural sector and the national economy.


  • Water

Since 2015, Morocco has had annual rain deficiencies, resulting in low runoff, reduced water supply to dams, and reduced groundwater recharge. Morocco enacted a "National Water Plan" (PNE) in 2020 to restore and repair water availability across the country, outlining an ambitious action plan to invest about $40 billion in the water industry. To effectively achieve this feat, there is a need for certain quality water treatment chemicals from reputable countries like China.


  • Phosphate

The industrial phosphate industry is a small but significant subset of the overall phosphate market. Phosphates are mostly used in fertilizer and feed. Industrial phosphates are utilized in a variety of applications such as food, detergents, personal hygiene, and building, however, they account for only about 6-8% of global phosphate use.


Flag of Morocco

How Can I Import Chemicals To Morocco From China?

While chemical importation from China into Morocco is a flourishing venture, understanding the essential documents for successful import operations is vital. To clear customs formalities and meet all compliance and law requirements, the importer must check that all required import documentation has been completed. The essential procedures and documents are discussed below.

License Representing The Physical Import

This is a compulsory license all importers and exporters in Morocco are expected to have. You should visit the trade ministry to secure one before starting the import exercise. It also allows you to import multiple units of one commodity into Morocco.

Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice is a necessary document for export and import clearance. It is sometimes used for currency exchange. It's the document used by customs officers in the importer's nation to assess import duties and taxes. All foreign commodity shipments require a commercial invoice, which serves as the foundation for all other international shipping paperwork. Most foreign customs authorities utilize it as the principal document for import control, valuation, and duty determination. The commercial invoice should have the following:

  • Describe all goods in French
  • Be written on the supplier's letterhead
  • Show the value of all goods
  • Show the HS code
  • Indicate the importer's address
  • Use the date format (dd/mm/yyyy)

A typical sample of a commercial invoice

Import commitment

The import commitment is known as the Foreign Exchange Office's authorization for the transfer of foreign currencies from Morocco to foreign suppliers overseas.

Customs Declaration

A customs declaration is a formal document that lists and describes the goods being imported or exported. Legally, it is the act of indicating the importer's desire to place items under a specific customs procedure.

Which Companies are Pre-Shipment Inspection and Testing Agents in China?

Before you begin your chemical importation, you must remember that the pre-shipment inspection method in China is an integral part of the supply chain management process. This is the final phase of any manufacturing process. It helps to ensure that the chemicals packed for shipment are of sufficient quality and quantity. A list of accredited pre-shipment inspection and testing agents for Moroccan importers in China is provided below:





Novas QC

East Office Building, 45 Beijing Road, Qianwan Free Trade Port, Qingdao Area, China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone

Tel: +8613061273656

Email: [email protected]


No. 32 Jinyuan Rd, Daxing Dist, Beijing, China

Tel: +861052879957

Email: [email protected]

China Certification & Inspection Group (CCIC)

China - Headquarter

Sanyuan Building, No.18 Xibahe Dongli Chaoyang District.Beijing, P.R.China

Tel: +86 10-8460 3456

Email: [email protected]


No. 73 Fucheng Road

Beijing, Beijing Municipality, 100142


+86 (0) 10 6845 6699


A sample report from SGS conformity check


How To Import Chemicals to Morocco From China: Step By Step

Follow the steps below for a successful and stress-free chemical importation from China to Morocco:


  • Choose the best supplier

While there are many suppliers in China, selecting a trustworthy and honest one is critical. This will assure you that your chemicals will arrive promptly and in good condition. Camachem is a reliable chemical-producing company you can trust with chemical importation into Morocco.


  • Trade Inquiry

Before you start importing, making the necessary trade inquiries is essential. This will provide you with the necessary information about your goods. It includes the price and the most suitable incoterms to import your goods.


  • Prepare your documents

Having the necessary documents ready will help you overcome unnecessary customs delays, making your importation process faster. The necessary documents have been listed above; you just need to approach the right agency to secure them.


  • Make an order

Since you have identified the right supplier and all your documents are in place, the next step is to make an order for your goods. Then you can begin tracking the good until they arrive at the Moroccan port.


Importing Chemicals from China into Morocco can increase your profitability while providing access to a diverse and wide range of Chemicals at an affordable price. Due to the nature of chemicals, they require proper handling, which is why several procedures must be completed before you can successfully import and collect your chemicals at any Morocco port. 

How Can Camachem Help Me Import Chemicals in Morocco?

Camachem is a reliable company with a wealth of experience in shipping chemicals to different countries across the globe. The company has handled the exportation of chemicals from China to various countries, including Morocco. All you have to do is visit the website, order any chemical of your choice, acquire appropriate approvals as indicated above, and we will handle the rest.

Our company has exported various chemicals to Morocco through the Port of Casablanca. They include:

  1. DCP
  2. Caustic Soda Flakes
  3. Caustic Soda Pearls
  4. Sodium Bicarbonate
  5. Soda Ash (Dense and Light)
  6. Sodium Metabisulfite (SMBS)
  7. Sodium Sulfide
  8. SLES 70%
  9. Many others

Our company is reputable for producing, packing, and shipping chemicals in large quantities to clients across different continents, including Africa. Therefore, once your documents are in place, you can contact Camachem to import the best chemicals.

Camachem Successfully Exported Chemicals to Morocco

Camachem preparing Caustic Soda Flakes Shipment in Tianjin for Port of Casablanca

 A package of Caustic Soda Pearl ready to be imported to Morocco


A package of Caustic Soda Pearl ready to be imported to Morocco


 Camachem Preparing SLES 70 Shipment to Port of Casablanca

 A chemical ready to be shipped Into Morocco


A chemical ready to be shipped Into Morocco