Sodium Pyrithione

Other Trading Names:

  • Sodium 2-pyridinethiol-1-oxide
  • Sodium 2-mercaptopyridine N-oxide
  • Sodium 2-mercaptopyridine-1-oxide
  • Sodium 2-mercaptopyridine N-oxide
  • Sodium pyrithione
  • Sodium pyridinethione
  • Sodium pyridine-2-thiol 1-oxide
  • Sodium pyridine-2-thiol-1-oxide
  • Sodium pyridinethiol-1-oxide
  • Sodium 2-sulfanylpyridine N-oxide
  • Zinc Omadine

CAS Number: 3811-73-2

HS Code:29333990

Types of Packaging:

  • 25kg drums
  • 180kg drums
  • 200kg drums
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Sodium Pyrithione

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Chemical Formula



Colorless liquid

Melting Point

-25 °C



Chemical Description

  • Sodium pyrithione is a chemical compound recognized for its potent antimicrobial properties. Widely employed across various industries, it effectively curtails microbial growth and demonstrates compatibility with diverse formulations.
  • In the realm of paints, coatings, and surface treatments, sodium pyrithione is a prevalent choice for imparting antimicrobial protection. These applications, commonly found in hospitals, public spaces, and households, benefit from its capacity to inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, fungi, and algae. By preventing biofilm formation and diminishing surface contamination, sodium pyrithione significantly enhances hygiene standards and mitigates the transmission of infections.
  • Within personal care products, sodium pyrithione finds extensive use in anti-dandruff shampoos and scalp treatments due to its robust antifungal attributes. Targeting the causative agents of dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and related scalp ailments, it provides relief from associated symptoms like itching and flaking. Additionally, its incorporation into body washes, soaps, and skincare formulations augments antibacterial efficacy, fostering skin health and hygiene.
  • Textiles treated with sodium pyrithione showcase antimicrobial properties, rendering them suitable for applications in healthcare, sportswear, and bedding. By impeding the growth of odor-causing microorganisms, these fabrics enhance wearer comfort and freshness. Sodium pyrithione treatments, whether applied during manufacturing or via post-treatment methods, ensure enduring protection against microbial contamination.
  • Industrial applications harness sodium pyrithione in cooling systems, metalworking fluids, and agricultural formulations as a potent biocide. By thwarting microbial growth and averting corrosion, it sustains equipment efficiency and infrastructure integrity. In agriculture, sodium pyrithione contributes to crop protection endeavors, combatting fungal diseases like mildews and leaf spots, thereby enhancing yields and crop quality.
  • In summary, sodium pyrithione's broad-spectrum antimicrobial prowess renders it indispensable across an array of applications. From coatings and personal care products to wood preservation and textiles, its efficacy in microbial control and compatibility with diverse formulations underscores its versatility in addressing hygiene, preservation, and protection requirements spanning diverse industries.
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Sodium Pyrithione