Caustic Soda

What is Caustic Soda?

  1. Caustic soda pearls

These are also known as sodium hydroxide pearls, Sodagrain, or sodium hydrate. These are tiny sphere solid which are soluble in water and have large number of applications. The pearls look very similar to fish eggs or caviar.

Caustic soda pearls

  1. Caustic soda flakes

Similar to that of caustic soda pearls, but the only difference is of their physical form. It is a chemical compound which belongs to the group of the strong alkali. It has a crystal-like appearance which resembles small flakes. Caustic soda flakes easily disperse in water and have hygroscopic properties.

Caustic soda flakes

  1. Caustic soda lye liquid

This type of caustic soda is in the liquid form. It is a chemical compound which belongs to the group of the strong alkali. It has no odor and is not dangerous to combustion. It’s wide range of applications makes it applicable in almost all types of industries.

Caustic soda lye liquid

What is Caustic Soda Used for?

There are various applications of caustic soda. The usage depends on the form:

  1. Caustic soda pearls

These have various applications in many types of industries which make them very useful.

  • Paper Industry - One of its most popular uses is in the manufacturing of paper. In the paper industry it is used during the pulping and bleaching process.
  • Chemical Industry - In the field of chemical processing, caustic soda pearls are used as basic feedstock for plastics, fabrics, solvents, adhesives, and many other range of products. Caustic soda is used the production of soap and detergents.
  • Oil and Gas Industry – Caustic soda is used to process and produce products made from petroleum.
  • Textile industry – Caustic soda is used to process
  • Other sectors – Caustic soda has other applications such as chemical analysis, paint stripping, and aluminum etching

  1. Caustic Soda Flakes

Just like caustic soda pearls, these soda flakes are used in various industries such as:

  • Cleaning industry – Caustic soda is used in the production of soap and detergent.
  • Paper industry - Caustic soda flakes are used as water and bleaching agents in the processing of paper and in the production of paper.
  • Mining Industry – Caustic soda is used in the mining industry as a floatation agent of various ores such as bauxite ore during the aluminum oxide production and extraction.
  • Textile industry - Caustic soda flakes are a major contributor in the dyeing process polyester and nylon in the textile industry.
  • Other industries - caustic soda flakes are also used in the processing of ceramics, water treatment, leather production, cotton making, and alcohol production.
  1. Caustic soda lye liquid
  • The liquid form of caustic soda has its many used all over many industries. These include production of paper, steel, soap, detergents, pigments for paints, and in the protection of fruit bearing plants

What are Safety Issues to Consider When Using Caustic Soda?

  • Sodium hydroxide or caustic soda need to be handled with care and the proper protective gear. Since it is a chemical, it can have many effects on the human body.
  • The inhalation of caustic soda is very unlikely unless they are pulverized and mixed with the air and dust. It can cause extreme irritation to the throat and nose.
  • Sodium hydroxide is corrosive so any contact to the human skin will result burns and blistering.
  • Extreme cases of prolonged exposure can cause death if not handled as soon as possible. Contact with the eyes can cause permanent damage and will eventually lead to blindness.

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