What is Oxalic Acid?


  • It is also known as Oxalate or ethanedioic acid and is a type of organic compound which you can find in different plant life like green leafy plants, in various fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds. It is not only found in plants but the human body can also produce this acid as well as get it when we eat food which contain it. Another good source of Oxalate is Vitamin C or ascorbic acid which is converted into it when it is processed by our bodies. 
  • They form the compound minerals calcium and iron oxalate when mixed with minerals in our colon and urinary tract.
  • It also comes in a solid form which kind of resembles rock salt with its white crystal-like appearance. This solid form is obtained through purification.  

What is Oxalic Acid Used for?

This acid is useful in many applications and in different industries. But one of its most known applications is as a cleaning agent. 


Stain Remover

  • A stain remover can be created when its powder form is mixed with the right ratio of water. It is very effective in removing stains from foods, different inks, grease, and many more. It can remove stains from different kinds of surfaces including wood without damaging them. Surfaces like vinyl, stone, linoleum, plastics, and brick are some examples which you can use this type of acid on. But be cautious when using is on floor tiles as it has the tendency to eat away on the grouting. 
  • It can also be used to remove stains on clothes and other fabrics but trials have shown that it takes longer than just washing them. 

Rust Removal 

  • Another great application of Oxalate is in the removal of rust. It is one of the main ingredients of different rust removal products and can be used on tubs, sinks, and most rusted metals. 

Bleaching Agent

  • As a bleaching agent it can be used on both stone and wood. Wood is known to wear out and can change color overtime being exposed to different conditions. When applied to wood it can bring back its original color and state.


  • Oxalate is often used in the polishing of different stone like marbles. As a polishing agent it can restore the original shine of marbles and stones. 



What are the Safety Issues to Consider When Using Oxalic Acid?

Since this is an acid it has different side effects when it in high concentrations. Ingesting too much of this can result to dangerous results. 

  • Since the acid can be found within most foods and also in different drugs there is a chance that they can accumulate in the body. Another dangerous fact is that the symptoms and side effects can sometimes take years to manifest. With the concentration reaches a high point, crystals can form in the kidneys resulting to kidneys stones. This can result to kidney failure and other urinary tract complications. 
  • Kidney stones can also be a result of too much Vitamin C ingestion. That is why before taking any kind of vitamin or drug you should first consult a doctor regarding how much you should take. 
  • Another safety concern this acid has is that it can also harmful to the human skin which is why you should wear proper safety equipment like gloves and safety goggles. Inhaling and accidental ingestion of the acid in any of its form can result to poisoning and vomiting. 


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