What is Titanium Dioxide?

  • It is an inactive material which has been used for almost 100 years now in numerous applications. It is commonly found in many products like food and hygienic items like soap and sunscreen. It is also known by the scientific name titania with a chemical symbol of TiO2.
  • It is a semiconductor material which is safe to you and it has the ability of photocatalysis in which it can absorb energy from light and enhances chemical reactions to where it is being used. Because of this versatile characteristic it is great for many applications and since it is very affordable it has become a sought out material.
  • It is normal used in powder for and is famous for its ability to grant the whiteness in the appearance of many products like paper, cosmetics like nail polishes, and paints. This is because of its property which allows it to scatter and refract light rays. It only requires not many pigments to make very white appearances.
  • It was Akira Fujishima who was able to discover the photocatalytic properties of the material in the year 1967. Because of this the effect was also popularly known as the Honda-Fujishima Effect.Fujishima and his group later on discovered another ability of this material which was known as the superhydrophilicity phenomenon. This discovery was the leading fact to the invention of coatings with anti-fog ability.

What is Titanium Dioxide Used for?

Because of its different properties, this inert material has been used in different applications for over a century now. From being used as a pigment in paints, a thickener in cosmetic products and even as a whitener in foods, this material has lots more of application.

Food Industry

  • Because of it photocatalytic property it is mainly used in the food industry as whitener and a smoother sometimes. It is known as E171 and has been used in food for over five decades. It gives food a great shiny appearance and it helps the food packaging to prevent the degradation of the food inside.
  • Although it is a material also being used in non-edible products like paints, soaps, and many more, it is not harmful to humans when ingested. In studies conducted it was found out that the color and appearance of the food is what attracts consumer to buy them. This is one of the great abilities of this material. It makes the food look more fresh and appealing. For chocolate production, it can give a smooth surface texture.

Paint Industry

  • Just like the reason it is used in foods, this material is also used in paints. It is used as a pigment called titanium white or CI 77891. Because of how white it can get it is sometimes called Perfect White. Before it was being used in paints, manufacturers used white lead instead to produce white paint but the problem was that it was highly toxic. The only upside to white lead was that it was cheaper compared to what is being used now.
  • In the production of plastic it is being used as a coating agent. It is what gives plastics their shiny and reflective surface appearance.

Cosmetic Industry

  • One of the most popularly known applications of this material is in cosmetic products like sunscreen and makeup. It is used again as a pigment in makeup and it helps thicken creams. Because of its properties of refracting light it is used in sunscreens which give the skin a protective layer against harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

What are the Safety Issues to Consider When Using Titanium Dioxide?

  • This material even though widely used in foods and other applications has the potential to be hazardous when used improperly. When in powder form there is a chance that it can cause cancer. When it is in a nanoparticle size it can be more harmful because it can be easily absorbed by the body and react differently.
  • Long exposure to it can lead to lung problems which is why workers in the different industries which handle the material are required to use full safety equipment. It can cause chest tightness and difficulty breathing. Irritation in the eyes is also some of the reported cases.

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