Sulfonic acid-Labsa is a man-made chemical which is commonly used for making industrial detergents. Some of the products that contain Sulfonic Acid include oil soap, washing powder, and detergent powder. It is also found in cleaning powder. This chemical surfactant is usually brown and is manufactured in liquid form. To buy this chemical, you can contact a trusted industrial chemical supplier.

Labsa contents differ more so in their chemical properties. Their chemical and physical properties are determined by the alkyl chain length, thus leading to a mixture that makes Sulfonic Acid-Labsa suitable for use in diverse ways.

Uses of Sulfonic acid-Labsa

Used in making cleaning powder - this can be used for cleaning wooden surfaces or other hard to clean surfaces.

Detergent powder - most of the commonly used cleaning detergents are made from powder made from Labsa.

Making oil soap, a common product used in the cleaning and polishing of horse tacks.

Detergent cake - these are detergents that take the shape of a cake and are ideal for use with hard water.

Where can you find products made from Labsa?

Cleaning powders made from Labsa are found in offices and in homes where they are used for various cleaning purposes. Labsa is also preferred by manufacturers of soaps and has also been used in making detergents used for cleaning textile materials. Users of Labsa prefer the chemical based on its diverse cleaning abilities.

Sulfonic acid-Labsa has for long been used in the manufacture of toilet soaps. It contains pathogens that fight germs. As an industrial cleaner, Labsa comes with low salt content besides an active matter content, both which make it good for industrial use. These essential properties make Labsa ideal for use in making farm chemicals, emulsifiers and household cleaners. When used to clean farm equipment, it helps prevent rust and corrosion. Labsa is also popular with people in the leather and electronic industry as well as those in the paper making industry for diverse uses.

Advantages of using Labsa over ordinary chemicals.

Labsa is highly rated and comes at a reasonably low price compared to other chemicals. Storage is made easier because the chemical is stored as dry powder. It is environmental friendly, highly soluble in cold weather conditions and produces much foam.

Environmental And Safety Precautions

Although Sulfonic Acid or Labsa is not toxic, prolonged exposure may lead to skin problems as it may affect the ability of the lipid membrane to function properly, thus leaving your skin exposed. Wear protective gloves when using Labsa.

Sulfonic Acid or Labsa is known to irritate the eyes if it comes into contact with them. It causes lung pain if inhaled and in rare cases burns. Exposure to Labsa should be limited and all precautionary measures put in place when using the chemical for industrial purposes. Ensure the area/room where you are using Labsa is well ventilated for fresh air and enclosed to prevent release to the air.

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