4-Chloro Benzyl Cyanide

Other Trading Names:

  • Chlorobenzyl cyanide
  • 4-Chlorobenzyl cyanide

CAS Number: 140-53-4

HS Code: 29269000

Types of Packaging:

  • 25kg/plastic drum
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4-Chloro Benzyl Cyanide

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Product Name

4-Chlorobenzyl cyanide / Chlorobenzyl cyanide




 Colorless Liquid

Grade Standard


Net Weight


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Shelf Life

2 years


Cool Dry Place


4-Chlorobenzyl cyanide / Chlorobenzyl cyanide CAS 140-53-4 can be used as chemical intermediates.

Chemical Description 

  • 4-Chlorobenzyl Cyanide, an indispensable biochemical reagent and organic compound for your life science research needs.
  • Also recognized as (4-Chlorophenyl)acetonitrile or P-Chlorobenzyl Cyanide, this compound serves as a crucial intermediate in the synthesis of 3-methyl-2-(4-chlorophenyl)butyric acid, a pivotal component utilized in the production of pyrethroid insecticides and in medicinal applications.
  • With a molecular formula of C8H6ClN, 4-chlorobenzyl Cyanide offers unparalleled versatility in various laboratory procedures, making it a cornerstone in biochemical experimentation.
  • Its robust properties enable seamless solubility in water, toluene, alcohol, acetone, and benzene, ensuring ease of integration into diverse experimental setups.
  • While its utility is unparalleled, it's crucial to handle 4-chlorobenzyl Cyanide with care due to its toxic nature.
  • Inhalation or skin contact can lead to severe irritation, and ingestion can be fatal. Protective measures such as gloves, clothing, eye protection, and face shields are imperative when working with this compound.
  • In case of accidental ingestion or exposure, immediate medical attention is paramount.
  • Characterized by a melting point of 28°C and a boiling point of 267°C, 4-chlorobenzyl Cyanide exhibits stability across a range of temperatures, facilitating storage at -80°C for up to six months or at -20°C for one month.
  • Ensure the container is tightly sealed and stored in a cool, well-ventilated environment to maintain its integrity and efficacy.
  • Whether you're delving into pharmaceutical research, agrochemical development, or biochemical analysis, trust 4-chlorobenzyl Cyanide to deliver consistent and reliable results, empowering your scientific endeavors with precision and efficiency.
  • With its unparalleled solubility and versatility, this biochemical reagent facilitates seamless integration into diverse experimental setups.
  • However, diligence is paramount when handling this potent compound, as its toxic nature demands meticulous safety precautions.
  • Embrace the power of precision and reliability with 4-Chlorobenzyl Cyanide, your trusted ally in advancing scientific discovery.
  • Harness the transformative potential of 4-Chlorobenzyl Cyanide to propel your research to new heights of innovation and discovery.
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4-Chloro Benzyl Cyanide