Aluminium Oxychloride

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Other Trading Names:

  • Aluminum Chlorohydrate
  • Aluminum Chloride Hydroxide
  • Aluminum Hydroxychloride
  • Basic Aluminum Chloride
  • Polyaluminum Chloride (PAC)
  • Aluminum Chlorohydrate
  • Aluminum Chlorhydroxide

CAS Number: 1327-41-9

HS Code: 2827.33

Types of Packaging:

  • 25KG/Bag
  • 500kg/drums
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Aluminium Oxychloride

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Total Iron Content




Insoluble residuePH


Arsenic (AS) %


Cadmium (CD)%






Chemical Description

  • Physical Properties:
    • State: Exists in both solid (powder or granules) and liquid (aqueous solution) forms.
    • Color: Solid form is typically white or off-white; aqueous solutions range from clear to slightly opaque.
    • Odor: Generally odorless.
    • Melting Point: Varies based on purity and specific formulation.
    • Boiling Point: Decomposes upon heating before boiling; exact temperature depends on the preparation.
    • Density: Specific gravity varies depending on the form and concentration.
    • Solubility in Water: Highly soluble, with solubility affected by temperature and pH.
  • Chemical Properties:
    • pH: Slightly acidic to neutral in solution; exact pH varies with concentration.
    • Stability: Stable under standard storage conditions; instability noted at elevated temperatures or in the presence of incompatible materials.
    • Reactivity: Reacts with strong acids and bases, may react with certain metals, and is sensitive to organic materials.
    • Hygroscopic Nature: Can absorb moisture from the air.
  • Composition and Purity:
    • Purity Levels: Varies with intended application; high purity for pharmaceutical and food-grade applications.
    • Impurities: May include trace amounts of heavy metals, depending on the source and processing method.
    • Aluminum Content: Critical for assessing quality and efficacy in applications.
    • Chloride Content: Important for determining its reactivity and suitability for specific processes.
  • Safety and Handling:
    • Health Hazards: Can cause skin and eye irritation; prolonged exposure might lead to more severe effects.
    • Safety Precautions: Use of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, goggles, and protective clothing is recommended.
    • First Aid Measures: In case of contact, immediate flushing with water is advised; seek medical attention for serious exposure.
    • Storage Conditions: Store in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Information:
    • HS Code: Classified under "other aluminum salts" for international trade.
    • Regulatory Listings: May be listed under various environmental and chemical safety regulations depending on the country.
  • Applications and Uses:
    • Water Treatment: As a coagulant in water purification processes.
    • Cosmetics: In antiperspirants and deodorants for its ability to reduce perspiration.
    • Pharmaceuticals: Utilized for its astringent properties in various formulations.
    • Textile Industry: As a mordant in dyeing processes.
    • Paper Industry: In paper production for sizing and improving paper quality.
    • Chemical Industry: As a catalyst in various chemical syntheses.
  • Environmental Impact and Disposal Considerations:
    • Environmental Effects: Potential impact on aquatic life if released in large quantities.
    • Disposal Methods: Should be disposed of in accordance with local environmental regulations.
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Aluminium Oxychloride