Anhydrous Tripotassium Phosphate / Tribasic Potassium Phosphate

Other Trading Names: 

  • TKP

CAS Number: 7778-53-2

HS Code: 28352990

Types of Packaging:

  • 25kg polyethylene bag
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Anhydrous Tripotassium Phosphate / Tribasic Potassium Phosphate

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Content (K3PO4,Dry Basis), Min

97 w/%


11.5-12.5 (10g/L)

As, Max

3 mg/KG

Fluoride, Max

10 mg/kg

Insoluble Substances,Max

0.2 w/%

Pb, Max

3 mg/kg

Loss on Ignition, Anhydrous Max

5 w/%

Chemical Description

  • Tripotassium phosphate anhydrous, also known as tripotassium phosphate, is an important compound that is widely used in various industrial and agricultural applications.
  • It is composed of three potassium ions bound to a phosphate ion, and its chemical formula is K3PO4.
  • This compound, with a molecular weight of approximately 212.27 g/mol, appears as a white, odorless, crystalline powder.
  • Anhydrous tripotassium phosphate is characterized by high water solubility, making it suitable for many aqueous formulations and reactions.
  • The pH of a 1% aqueous solution is typically 5 to 12.5, indicating that it is alkaline.
  • This compound is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and must be properly stored in a dry environment.
  • Tripotassium phosphate anhydrous is widely used in the food industry as a food additive, acting as a buffer, emulsifier, and nutrient source.
  • Controls the acidity of foods, increases flavor stability, and improves the texture of processed foods.
  • In agriculture, tripotassium phosphate anhydrous serves as an important ingredient in fertilizers, providing important potassium and phosphate nutrients for plant growth and development.
  • Its use promotes root development, flowering and fruiting in various crops, thereby increasing yield and quality.
  • This compound is also used in water treatment processes, acting as a complexing agent and pH regulator in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants.
  • Tripotassium phosphate anhydrous is an important ingredient in the formulation of detergents and cleaning products, contributing to water softening and soil dispersion.
  • Essential in the production of ceramics, textiles, and pharmaceuticals, acting as fluxes, dye fixatives, and buffers, respectively.
  • This compound exhibits stability over a wide temperature range and its melting point is approximately 1340 °C.
  • Tripotassium Phosphate Anhydrous is subject to strict quality standards to ensure its effectiveness and safety in a variety of applications.
  • Purity levels for industrial grade formulations are typically 98% or higher.
  • Proper handling and storage procedures must be followed to avoid exposure to moisture and ensure joint integrity and performance.
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Anhydrous Tripotassium Phosphate / Tribasic Potassium Phosphate