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  1. How to Buy Sodium Cyanide

    What is Sodium Cyanide?

    Sodium Cyanide is a mining chemical made up of the elements sodium, cyanide, and carbon. Sodium Cyanide is also known as Cyanogran. It is a white, water soluble solid with the chemical formula NaCN. The chemical comes in the form Sodium Cyanide 98%. Commercially, this chemical is used for fumigation, electroplating, and chemical manufacturing but primarily it is used for the extraction of gold and other precious metals in mining industries.

    Video Explaining How to Import Sodium Cyanide


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  2. What is Glutaraldehyde and How to Buy Glutaraldehyde

    What is Glutaraldehyde (5-Pentanedion, Glutaricdialdehyde, GDA)?

    Glutaraldehyde is a sterilising chemical with multiple uses. The most popular use is to disinfect and sterilise equipment and surfaces, however it can also be used for household purposes. The other uses for Glutaraldehyde are as metalworking fluids and in oil and gas pipelines, skin medication, an antimicrobial in water-treatment systems and a fixative used in laboratories. The purpose is to kill bacteria.

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  3. What is Lead Nitrate and How to Buy Lead Nitrate

    What is Lead Nitrate (Lead Dinitrate, Plumbous Nitrate, Lead (ii) Nitrate)?

    Lead Nitrate is used in the manufacturing of special explosives such as lead azide, to create pigments in lead paints, the manufacturing of matches and for dying and printing calico and other textiles. Lead Nitrate has recently been used as a heat stabilizer in polyesters and nylon, as a coating of photo thermographic paper, improve gold leaching speeds and rodenticides chemicals. Lead Nitrate occurs as a colourless crystal or white powder.

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  4. International Shipping Freights Spike Dramatically on Geopolitics and COVID

    International Shipping Freights Spike Dramatically on Geopolitics and COVID

    The international freight market experienced a cold winter in April and May. Freight rates have returned strongly now, and the freight rates of all routes are at their peak. The freight rates of major trades between the East and the West remain at a high level. According to the Shanghai Export Container Freight Index (SCFI), the spot price on the West Coast of Asia to America last week increased by 184% over the same period last year. The spot price on the East Coast of Asia to America is almost twice that of last year. The Shanghai-Northern Europe spot freight rate increased by 85% year-on-year, and the Shanghai-Mediterranean route freight rate increased by 77.6%. The reasons for the price increase are as follows.

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