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  1. Frequently Asked Question about Strontium Carbonate

    What is Strontium Carbonate?

    Strontium Carbonate is a versatile inorganic Industrial Chemical extracted from a rare carbonated mineral called Strontianite. It’s white in color and has no taste or odor.

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    Strontium Carbonate


    What is Strontium Carbonate used for?

    • Strontium Carbonate has applications spanning different industries.
    • It is used to manufacture frit, a fused silica and flux mixture that makes glass.
    • Used for the production of crimson red flames in the fireworks industry.
    • It is the raw material in pyrotechnics manufacturing.
    • Used in manufacturing of CTV w
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  2. 5 Differences You Need To Know About Bleach And Chlorine

    Bleach is a chemical compound that can be used both industrially and domestically for the cleaning of surfaces and removal of stains. It's usually a diluted sodium hypochlorite solution. It can also be commonly referred to as liquid bleach. There are two main bleaches in use; they include oxygen bleach and chlorine bleach.

    On the other hand, chlorine is a chemical element with atomic number 17 and the symbol Cl. Chlorine is a yellow-green gas when at room temperature. It's the second lightest halogen and on the periodic table appears between bromine and fluorine.

    Chlorine is an oxidizing agent and reacts extremely. It has the third-highest electronegativity and highest electron affinity among the elements.

    Chlorine and bleach are often used for the same purposes, however, there is some significant difference between them. These differences range from their strength, chemical properties, and structures. Here in this article, we've described 5 differences that you

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  3. Frequently Asked Question about Sodium Sulfide

    What is Sodium Sulfide?

    Sodium Sulfide is an inorganic Industrial Chemical compound with vast industrial applications. It is an anhydrous substance with a yellowish crystalline and sharp rotten eggs-like smell.

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    Sodium Sulfide


    What is Sodium Sulfide used for?

    Here are the most common applications of Sodium Sulfide:

    • Sodium sulfide is used in the textile industry, where it serves as a dehairing agent in pre-tanning.
    • Used in sulfur dyes production.
    • Used for dechlorination in the desulfurization process of bleaching.
    • Effectively utilized in the Kraft process of the paper and pulp
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  4. 5 Top Hazards Of Calcium Carbide You Should Know

    Calcium Carbide is a chemical made of carbon and calcium, it's a grayish-black sand-like (crystalline) substance but white when pure. The chemical formula of Calcium Carbide is (Ca(C2)). It has a garlic-like odor.

    Calcium Carbide is often used as a reducing agent, in generating acetylene gas, and to manufacture steel. In ancient times, calcium Carbide was used as a source of acetylene flame in carbide lamps. Presently, these lamps are used in powering beacons and lighthouses, and for cave exploration.

    Calcium Carbide can also be used in developing chemical technologies, most eminent synthetic rubber. Calcium carbide can also be used in making acetylene black, vinyl chloride, acetic acid, acrylonitrile, ethylene, acetone, synthetic raisins, and styrene. Calcium carbide is also used in metallurgy, reducing the sulfur and oxygen content(desulfuration) and deoxidizing metals. The production of Calcium carbide is now at an all-time high worldwide.

    With all of these

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  5. Frequently Asked Question about PolyDADMAC

    What is PolyDADMAC?

    PolyDADMAC, or Polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride, is a cationic polymer (Polyelectrolyte) that is used as an Industrial Chemical. It is known for coagulation and flocculation.

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    What is PolyDADMAC used for?

    • An electrolyte solution in drug delivery, chemical sensors, and biomedical systems.
    • It serves as flocculant in wastewater and water treatment.
    • Used in mining and mineral processing to treat different mud types.
    • Used as a non-formaldehyde color fixing agent in the textile industry.
    • Produces conductive paper in the papermaking industry.
    • Used
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  6. Calcium Hypochlorite: 5 Health Hazards and Safety Tips

    Calcium Hypochlorite is an inorganic compound. The molecular formula of Calcium Hypochlorite is Ca(CIO)2. Its molecular weight is 142.974g/mol. It is popularly used as an active ingredient in commercial products such as chlorine powder, bleaching powder, or chlorinated lime, often used in water treatment.

    Calcium hypochlorite can also be referred to as bleaching powder, chloride of lime, calcium oxychloride, and hypochlorous acid calcium salt. Calcium Hypochlorite is often used in sanitizing pools and disinfecting drinking water. It can also be used as an oxidizing agent and in the manufacture of chloroform.

    Calcium Hypochlorite as useful as it can also be dangerous if not properly handled. This piece talks explicitly about the hazards associated with the chemical.

    Contact with skin

    Contact of Calcium Hypochlorite with the skin causes burns and irritation. Calcium Hypochlorite

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  7. Frequently Asked Question about Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate

    What is Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate?

    Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate is a synthesized inorganic special use chemical resulting from a reaction between lithium calcium hydroxide(Ca(OH)2) and carbonate (LiCO3).

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    Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate


    What is Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate used for?

    • Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate is used as the precursor in lithium and lithium bonded compounds manufacturing.
    • It is most commonly used in producing active cathode material for lithium-based batteries.
    • It is utilized in the production of lithium grease, which
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  8. Frequently Asked Question about Lithium Chloride

    What is Lithium Chloride?

    Lithium chloride is an anhydrous metal salt that has a positive Lithium-ion. It is a special use chemical with versatile applications.

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    Lithium Chloride


    What is Lithium Chloride used for?

    • Lithium chloride is commonly used as the primary substance to make Lithium metal via electrolysis of Lithium Chloride and Potassium Chloride at high temperatures.
    • It is used as a desiccant in air dehumidifiers.
    • It is used in aluminum brazing flux.
    • The lithium part of the salt gives the red color in pyrotechnics.
    • It is used as an antimaniac to treat bipolar disorder
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  9. Top 7 Reasons: Why Should I Buy Barium Carbonate?

    Barium carbonate is an inorganic compound that's poorly water-soluble. It is amongst the most important compounds of barium. It is a white salt like almost every alkaline earth metal carbonate. Barium Carbonate is a white crystalline powder that's toxic when ingested. It's tasteless and odorless.

    Common Names For Barium Carbonate

    The most common name for Barium carbonate is Witherite. Witherite is a naturally occurring mineral. Barium Carbonate can also be referred to as barium sulfate.

    Formula Of Barium Sulphate And How Is It Produced?

    The chemical formula for Barium Carbonate is BaCO3. Barium carbonate is often made by treating barium sulfide with carbon dioxide between 40 to 90°C or usually sodium carbonate between 60 to 70°C.

    It can also be produced by treating a barium sulfide aqueous solution with sodium carbonate. This process can also be known as the soda ash process.

    Uses In Oil I

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  10. 7 Top Facts I Should Know Before Buying Calcium Hypochlorite

    Calcium Hypochlorite is an inorganic chemical compound. It's a cogent ingredient of products such as chlorine powder, bleaching powder, or chlorinated lime usually used as a bleaching agent and for water treatments. It is a relatively stable compound and it possesses higher chlorine than sodium hypochlorite.

    Calcium Hypochlorite is a white solid, though its commercial samples are yellow. It smells strongly of chlorine because it decomposes slowly in moist air. It was used during World War 1 to disinfect wounds and trenches.

    Formula Of Calcium Hypochlorite.

    The chemical formula of calcium hypochlorite is Ca(OCI)2. Calcium Hypochlorite is a strong oxidizing agent.

    Other Names Of The Chemical.

    Calcium Hypochlorite is also known as bleaching powder due to its use as a bleaching agent in the textile industry. It is also known as chloride of lime, and calcium oxychloride.

    PH Level Of Calcium Hypochlorite.

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