Calcium Hypochlorite is an inorganic chemical compound. It's a cogent ingredient of products such as chlorine powder, bleaching powder, or chlorinated lime usually used as a bleaching agent and for water treatments. It is a relatively stable compound and it possesses higher chlorine than sodium hypochlorite.

Calcium Hypochlorite is a white solid, though its commercial samples are yellow. It smells strongly of chlorine because it decomposes slowly in moist air. It was used during World War 1 to disinfect wounds and trenches.

Formula Of Calcium Hypochlorite.

The chemical formula of calcium hypochlorite is Ca(OCI)2. Calcium Hypochlorite is a strong oxidizing agent.

Other Names Of The Chemical.

Calcium Hypochlorite is also known as bleaching powder due to its use as a bleaching agent in the textile industry. It is also known as chloride of lime, and calcium oxychloride.

PH Level Of Calcium Hypochlorite.

Calcium Hypochlorite has a pH of 11.8. When calcium Hypochlorite is mixed with water, the pH reduces to 10.8. This pH indicates that the chemical is a strong alkaline.

Is Calcium Hypochlorite The Same As Bleach?

Calcium Hypochlorite is not the same as bleach, however, calcium hypochlorite is oftentimes used as a bleaching agent. Calcium Hypochlorite is a relatively stable compound and it possesses higher chlorine than bleach. Calcium Hypochlorite has a higher boiling and melting point compared to bleach.

Calcium Hypochlorite is a more stable compound than bleach. Bleach breaks down as time goes on, losing its efficacy and strength while Calcium Hypochlorite contains about 65% chlorine which gives it more strength compared to bleach with just 12%.

How Is The Chemical Effective For Water Sterilization?

Calcium Hypochlorite is an effective way of sterilizing water. It's dry and safer to handle the form of chlorine. Calcium Hypochlorite has a natural hP which helps in reducing the need for chemicals used in auxiliary treatment. When it's mixed with water Calcium Hypochlorite has a pH of 10m8, which makes it easier for water to maintain an average pH of 7.2-7.6 when compared to the extreme pH other chlorine forms produce.

Calcium Hypochlorite is an easier and more effective way of sterilizing drinking water, and swimming pools. The waters produced through the use of Calcium Hypochlorite are safe, clear, and clean.  It's always sold with a purity level of 65%-73%.

What Quantity Of The Chemical Is Needed To Kill Bacteria In Pools?

Calcium Hypochlorite is an effective method of killing bacteria in pools. It kills about 99.9% of bacteria in pools, making the water clean and safe for use. The quantity of Calcium Hypochlorite needed to be added to pools varies according to the pool size.

How Can You Buy Calcium Hypochlorite?

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