Overview of Calcium Hypochlorite

Our client is a leading textile supplier with headquarters in Brazil. Our client reached out to Camachem because they wanted a bleaching agent. There were many reasons that lead to this decision to be made by our client. At Camachem we were able to help our client solve obstacles including delivery inefficiencies while still ensuring our client with high quality chemicals of calcium hypochlorite.

By choosing Camachem as their supplier, the textile production company was able to get quality water chemicals at cost-efficient prices. In this case study we will discuss how Camachem was able to provide this for our client and how we were able to deliver what the client required successfully. We will share how we were able to successfully export calcium hypochlorite to Brazil.

Textile industry

Problems Faced in Calcium Hypochlorite

Delivery Inefficiencies

The company wanted to find a simple method of exporting the chemicals. They wanted to get the chemicals directly from the supplier and eliminate middlemen from the procurement process. This would save them time and money, and assure them of getting quality products.

Expensive Price Tag for Chemical

The company had been purchasing the chemicals from a costly local supplier. Once they realized that they could get the same chemicals at better quality and more affordable pricing, they reached out to Camachem.

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What is Calcium Hypochlorite and how is it used?

  • Calcium hypochlorite is an inorganic compound. It is the major active component in commercial bleaching powder, chlorine powder, or chlorinated lime products that are used for water treatment and bleaching.
  • This chemical is more stable than sodium hypochlorite and contains more accessible chlorine. Although commercial samples seem yellow, it is a white solid. Because of its slow breakdown in wet air, it has a strong chlorine odor.
  • Calcium hypochlorite is produced by chlorinating an aqueous suspension of calcium hydroxide, removing liquid from the suspension on a filter or centrifuge to produce a cake, and contacting the cake with an aqueous sod.
  • Some of the major uses of sodium hypochlorite is in the disinfection of swimming pools and drinking water supplies, industrial cooling water treatment for slime control of bacteria, algae, and fungal origin, and sewage and wastewater effluent disinfection, odor control, and BOD reduction.
  • In houses, schools, hospitals, and public facilities, it is used as a sanitizer. In restaurants and other public dining establishments, microbial control is essential.
  • In dairies, wineries, breweries, canneries, food processing facilities, and beverage bottling factories, it's utilized for bacterial control, odor management, and general cleanliness. It's used in and around the house, boats, campers, and trailers as a mildewcide.
  • In the paper and textile industry, sodium hypochlorite is used as a bleaching agent.

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How Camachem Achieved Results

Affordable Costs

Camachem was able to supply the chemicals to the company in Brazil at an affordable cost, saving them costs of up to 11% percent. The products were exactly what the client required and they were delivered on time. The client has made a number of repeat purchases from Camachem ever since.

Efficient Procurement and Delivery

Camachem was able to handle this problem by exporting the chemicals successfully. We delivered the chemicals straight from the supplier without involving any middlemen, which also saved on time. With Camachem, the client is happy because they are assured of successful deliveries.

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Calcium hypochlorite is shipped in 45kg plastic drums and 50kg iron drums.

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How Camachem Can Help

Our client wanted to purchase and import calcium hypochlorite from a reliable supplier and Camachem was able to deliver the chemicals within the agreed time frame.

At Camachem, we have calcium hypochlorite for sale. Please contact us (sales@camachem) or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.