Overview of Ferrous Sulfate

Our client is a leading agricultural company with headquarters in Vietnam. Our client reached out to Camachem because they wanted to lower the pH of soil for farming. There were many reasons that lead to this decision to be made by our client. At Camachem we were able to help our client solve obstacles including getting quality chemicals while still ensuring our client with high quality chemicals of Ferrous Sulfate.

By choosing Camachem as their supplier, the agricultural company was able to get quality mining chemicals at cost-efficient prices. In this case study we will discuss how Camachem was able to provide this for our client and how we were able to deliver what they required. We will share how we were able to successfully export ferrous sulfate to Vietnam.

Agricultural industry

Problems Faced in Ferrous Sulfate

Absurdly High Prices for Chemicals

Previously, the chemicals had been obtained from an expensive local supplier. They approached Camachem after learning that they could get the same chemicals in a higher grade and at a reduced price from us.

Obtaining High-Quality Chemicals 

The firm had trouble finding a supplier that could supply them with high-quality chemicals in big quantities. They were becoming dissatisfied since the chemicals supplied were not of the quality they desired.

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What is Ferrous Sulfate and how is it used?

  • Ferrous sulfateis an inorganic salt that is available in two types; ferrous sulfate monohydrate and ferrous sulfate heptahydrate.
  • Ferrous sulfate monohydrate is the monohydrate forms of iron (II) sulfate and is produced from the heptahydrate by heating above 65°C. It appears as a white yellow crystalline solid that is colorless and soluble in water.
  • Ferrous Sulfate Heptahydrate is the heptahydrate form of iron (II) sulfate. It is a very useful sale produced from the oxidation of pyrite, and has a blue-green crystalline solid appearance. It is highly soluble in water.
  • Foods and fabric dyes use ferrous sulfate as a colorant. It's made into a dark olive green by combining it with pomegranate, Tannin to produce a grayed purple, Madder (a Eurasian herb) to make a deep grayish purple, Cutch (a dyestuff and tanning ingredient) to produce a deep chocolate brown, and  chestnut to make a medium gray.
  • Ferrous sulfate, like aluminum sulfate, is used as a soil supplement to reduce the pH of a high alkaline soil so that plants may better access the nutrients.
  • It is used in horticulture to treat iron chlorosis, which is a yellowing of plant leaves caused by an iron shortage. Although it does not work as quickly as ferric EDTA, its effects remain longer.
  • Gardeners and farmers combine it with compost and dig it into the soil to form a long-lasting storage. It may also be used as a moss remover and lawn conditioner.
  • Due to its high efficiency, efficacy in purification, and utility as a sludge dewatering agent, ferrous sulfate is the preferred coagulant for many industrial and sanitary wastewater treatment applications. The process of eliminating suspended particles and color from, in this example, water is known as coagulation.
  • It is used to blacken leather, as a constituent of ink, as a lawn conditioner, as a dye fixate in the textile industry, and as a medicine and blood supplement in medical purposes.

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How Camachem Achieved Results

Cost Savings

Camachem was able to deliver the chemicals to the Vietnamese firm at a reasonable price, saving them up to 18% in costs. The items were precisely what the customer wanted and delivered on schedule. The client has been able to use the saved costs to expand their business and operate more efficiently.

Obtaining High-Quality Chemicals

Camachem was able to solve the problem by effectively exporting high-quality chemicals to the Vietnamese client. We supplied the chemicals without the use of any intermediaries, saving both time and money. The client has made many orders since then and maintains that Camachem is their most trusted supplier.

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Ferrous Sulfate is shipped in 25kg and 1000 kg jumbo woven bags.

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How Camachem Can Help

Our client wanted to purchase and import Ferrous Sulfate from a reliable supplier and Camachem was able to deliver the chemicals within the agreed time frame.

At Camachem, we have Ferrous Sulfate for sale. Please contact us (sales@camachem) or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.