Overview of Xanthates

Our client is a leading mining company with headquarters in Peru. Our client reached out to Camachem because they wanted a flotation agent in mining. There were many reasons that lead to this decision to be made by our client. At Camachem we were able to help our client solve obstacles including high costs and delivery issues while still ensuring our client with high quality chemicals of xanthates.

By choosing Camachem as their supplier, the mining was able to get quality industrial chemicals at cost-efficient prices. In this case study we will discuss how Camachem was able to provide this for our client and how we were able to deliver the exact chemicals the client was looking for. We will share how we were able to successfully export the chemicals to the client’s country in Peru.

Mining industry

Problems Faced in xanthates

Absurdly High Costs

Previously, the client had purchased chemicals from a pricey local supplier. They contacted Camachem after discovering that they could get the same chemicals for less cost and with significantly better quality.

Delivery Issues

The customer was seeking for a simple way to get the chemicals into the country. They intended to acquire the chemicals straight from the manufacturer, cutting out the intermediaries. This would save them time and money while also guaranteeing that they get high-quality products.

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What are Xanthates and how is it used?

  • Xanthates are a group of chemicals that are regularly utilized in sulphide flotation in mining. Common xanthate products are sodium ethyl xanthate (SEX), sodium amyl xanthate (SAX), sodium isopropyl xanthate (SIPX), sodium isobutyl xanthate (SIBX) and potassium amyl xanthate (PAX).
  • Sodium ethyl xanthateis used in the mining industry as a flotation agent. It is used for the floatation of various minerals that are activated or hydrophobic and float easily, such as cobalt, since, lead and nickel. It is also used in froth floatation in separating hydrophobic materials from hydrophilic ones.
  • Sodium ethyl xanthate(SEX) is the strongest of the xanthates. It works by forming a hydrophobic layer when the polar part of the xanthate molecule attaches to the ore particles with the non-polar hydrocarbon part. The particles then rise to the water surface because of air bubbles.
  • Sodium isobutyl xanthate (SIBX) is available in the form of pale yellow crystals and is used as a collector. It is used as a floatation agent for different nonferrous metallic sulfide ores. It is also used in the vulcanization of rubber and as a fortifying agent for specific oils, and in analytical procedures.
  • Potassium amyl xanthate (PAX) is used as a floatation reagent in the floatation of oxide minerals like copper ores, lead and oxidized sulfide. Other uses of PAX are as an intermediate in manufacturing processes, as a processing aid and as a surface-active agent.
  • Sodium amyl xanthate (SAX) is an efficient chemical compound used as a collector in the mining industry. It is the most powerful collector among the xanthates.
  • SAX is also used in different hydrometallurgical processes and in the floatation of non-ferrous metal minerals. It is also used as a vulcanization accelerator for the rubber industry.
  • Sodium isopropyl xanthate (SIPX) is available in the form of pellets and also in powder form. It is used as a collector and in the floatation of nonferrous metallic sulfide minerals. SIPX is cost effective and is convenient and simpler to handle. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry and as a herbicide.

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Xanthates available at Camachem

How Camachem Achieved Results


Camachem was able to provide the chemicals to the company at a competitive price, saving them up to 13% on their costs. The chemicals that were provided were exactly what the customer had requested, and they came on time. We offer affordable and high quality chemicals.

Efficient Shipping

Camachem was able to resolve the problem by shipping the chemicals effectively. We got the chemicals straight from the manufacturer, cutting out the middlemen and saving time. Camachem maintains communication with you until your chemicals have arrived successfully.

Xanthates for sale


Xanthates are packaged in woven bags, sealed drums and wooden boxes of different sizes.

Xanthates ready for shipping

How Camachem Can Help

Our client wanted to purchase and import xanthates from a reliable supplier and Camachem was able to deliver the chemicals within the agreed time frame.

At Camachem, we have xanthates for sale. Please contact us (sales@camachem) or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.