What is Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid?

Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid (BHA) is an important mining chemical with various applications in Mining Industry. It is an excellent metal chelating agent.

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Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid


What is Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid used for?

Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid is very useful in the mining industry:

  • It is used as an anionic collection agent due to its outstanding selectivity in the floatation process of Tungsten, Iron and other rare earth minerals.
  • Because it possess abundant of adsorption sites and solid adsorption of five-member rings, it is considered a better flotation agent than Oleate.
  • It is used to effectively separate Ilmenite from associated gangue minerals, especially fine particles of ilmenite disseminated in the gangue minerals.
  • It is applied in organometal synthesis, spectroscopic analysis and metal extraction.
  • During floatation of Wolframite, activation is greatly achieved by Pb cations, thanks to Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid as collector.


What is the Chemical Formula of Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid?

Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid exists in solid state and a powdery form with the chemical formula C7H7NO2


Is Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid harmful to life?

Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid is considered hazardous by the 2012 Hazard Communication Standard- OSHA.  When eyes, skin, nose and mouth are exposed to this chemical, the chemical may cause serious irritation. Moreover, exposure with this chemical for longer period can prove to be fatal.


What does Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid look like?

Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid appears in powder flakes form with a slightly pink appearance.

Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid for sale at Camachem

 Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid


What are the Hazardous effects of Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid?

When Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid comes in contact with the skin, eyes and nose, it causes serious irritation. Additionally, it may severely damage the respiratory tract if ingested or inhaled. Similarly, due to its toxic nature, it is suspected to cause genetic defects too.


What are precautionary measures necessary to be taken to handle Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid?

To avoid unforeseen hazardous outcomes, when handling Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid, it is highly recommended that precautionary measures suggested by International authorities be taken in consideration.

  • Keep chemical away from heat and sources of ignition.
  • Sufficient ventilation shall be ensured at the place of storage.
  • The use of personal protection equipment (PPE) and appropriate face shield shall be used as required.
  • Avoid dust formation around the containers of chemical.
  • In case of spillage, carefully shovel it in tightly closed containers and store in cool, dry place until it can be properly disposed.

Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid for sale at Camachem

Precautionary measure of Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid


What will happen if Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid is heated?

On heating, Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid decomposes to give off toxic gases such as Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Oxides. Carbon Monoxide has been reported to be toxic to the atmosphere and may cause severe respiratory irritation in case of inhalation.


Is Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid a soluble compound?

This chemical is a selectively soluble compound. It dissolves in hot water and some organic solutions to give off a subtle distinctive odor.


Where can I buy Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid?

At Camachem, we have Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid in stock for sale. Carefully packaged in intermediate bulk container (IBC) drum with 1000 kg capacity per drum, plastic woven bags with 80 kg weight capacity per bag, steel drums with 100 kg weight capacity per drum and shipped to the largest port in your country as we always do. You can trust us, as we have been in the business of exporting Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid (BHA) directly from our manufacturer in China to the world, for over a decade.


How much does Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid cost?

The estimate cost of a ton of Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid is $4,450 at Camachem.  The estimated price of Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid is influenced by the cost of raw materials used in the manufacturing process.


What is PH of Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid?

Due to its acidic nature, Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid has a PH between PH 1.9 to PH 4.


Is Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid an Electrolyte compound? 

Yes! Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid is an electrolytic compound. It dissociates to form ions in aqueous solutions.


Can Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid go down the drain?

No. Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid is considered toxic and should not go down into drains. To drain this chemical, one should carefully follow the safety regulations for draining hazardous chemicals provided by local authorities.


What is the difference between Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid and Methyl Hydroxamic Acid?

Benzyl Hydroxamic Acid and Methyl Hydroxamic Acid are very similar as both are useful in extraction process of Iron and other rare earth minerals. However, they differ slightly in their Iron extraction ability which is due to the small difference in their ligand and electron affinity.