What is Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene)?

Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene) is an Industrial Chemical and an organic compound. At room temperature, it is the simplest enol ether that is liquid. It is a monomer and a synthetic building block.

Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene) at Camachem for sale

Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene)


What is Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene) used for?

  • Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene) is a chemical with numerous industrial applications.
  • Ethyl vinyl ether is a safe and effective anaesthetic for people of all ages and for any operational procedure that does not require muscle relaxants or cautery.
  • It is used in the production of perfumes, lubricating oil additives, and spices.
  • In organic synthesis, it is used as a solvent.
  • It is employed in chemical synthesis and proteomics research.
  • It has shown to be a suitable drug for thoracic procedures when used with extreme caution to avoid hypotension.


What is the chemical formula of Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene)?

The Chemical formula for Ethyl Vinyl Ether is CH3CH2OCH=CH2.


Is Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene) harmful to life?

Ethyl Vinyl Ether is utilised in medicine; however, it can be poisonous and hazardous if you are exposed to it frequently.


Where is Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene) found? What does Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene) look like?

The reaction of acetylene and ethanol in the presence of a base produces ethyl vinyl ether. Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene) is a colourless, transparent liquid. It has a distinct ether odour.

Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene) at Camachem for sale

Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene)


What are the hazardous effects of Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene)?

  • Skin dryness and cracking may result from repeated exposure of Ethyl Vinyl Ether.
  • It can result in a rash, redness, and/or a burning sensation on the skin.
  • It can cause coughing and wheezing by irritating the nose and throat.
  • can cause headaches, agitation, nausea, and vomiting, as well as liver damage.


What are the precautionary measures necessary to handle Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene)?

Heat, heated surfaces, sparks, open flames, and other ignition sources should all be avoided while handling this chemical.


What will happen if Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene) is heated?

If heated, ethyl vinyl ether can polymerize exothermically and is dangerous.


Is Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene) soluble?

The density of ethyl vinyl ether is lower than that of water, and it is only mildly soluble in water.


Where can I buy Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene)?

Camachem provides Ethyl Vinyl Ether / Ethoxyethene ≥ 98 % for purchase. It comes in two different packing types: Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) drums with a 1000 kilogramme capacity per drum or tank, and Use plastic drums with a 25 kg weight capacity per drum. Camachem sells ethyl vinyl ether to the rest of the world on a direct basis.

Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene) at Camachem for sale

Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene)


How much does Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene) cost?

The cost of Ethyl Vinyl Ether / Ethoxyethene ≥ 98 % depends on the materials used for its production. At Camachem it is available for $3,630.00 per ton.


Is Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene) an electrolyte compound?

Ethyl Vinyl Ether is not an electrolyte compound.


Can Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene) go down the drain?

Because ethyl vinyl ether is a harmful compound, it should not be flushed down the drain.


Is Ethyl Vinyl Ether (Ethoxyethene) acidic or basic?

Ethyl Vinyl Ether is a Lewis base.