What is Sodium Thioglycolate?

Sodium Thioglycolate, commonly known as Mercaptoacetic acid, is an inorganic compound used for multiple purposes. It's a Mining Chemical, that's primarily utilized for separation.

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Sodium Thioglycolate


What is Sodium Thioglycolate used for?

The following are the strengths and applications of Sodium Thioglycolate:

  • Mining separators commonly use sodium mercaptoacetate in the copper and molybdenum separation process.
  • It is a component of thioglycollate broth, a unique bacterial growth medium.
  • When studying amino acids, the chemical is employed to preserve tryptophan.
  • It also has a galena inhibitor effect.
  • It's also utilized as a reducing agent.
  • It is useful for softening nails and is utilized as an acid indicator as well.


What is the Chemical Formula of Sodium Thioglycolate?

Sodium Thioglycolate has the chemical formula C2H3NaO2S and has two functional groups: thiol and carboxyl.


Is Sodium Thioglycolate harmful to life?

When skin is exposed to sodium thioglycolate, it can burn and damage the skin. Due to this characteristic, exposure to the eyes is considerably more dangerous. Above all, Sodium Thioglycolate is corrosive and can cause systemic toxicity. As a result, direct exposure should be avoided as much as possible.


Where is Sodium Thioglycolate found? What does Sodium Thioglycolate look like?

Sodium Thioglycolate is made by reacting sodium chloroacetate with alkali metal hydrosulfide in aqueous medium. Sodium thiosulfate and chloroacetic acid can also be combined to make it. The liquid sodium thioglycolate has a strong pungent odor and can be yellowish or black in color.

Sodium Thioglycolate for sale at Camachem

Sodium Thioglycolate


What are the Hazardous effects of Sodium Thioglycolate?

Sodium Thioglycolate is stable under normal storage conditions. Contact with moisture or water, on the other hand, can be dangerous, generating toxic fumes and gases. Similarly, powerful oxidizing agents and acids must be avoided while working with this compound.


What are precautionary measures necessary to be taken to handle Sodium Thioglycolate?

To avoid undesirable effects, various precautions must be taken when handling and storing this material. The following are a few important precautions to take:

  • It is crucial to follow proper workplace hygiene standards and use protective equipment.
  • Proper ventilation is essential in the workplace, especially in confined places.
  • Personal protective equipment and protective goggles must be used at all times.


What will happen if Sodium Thioglycolate is heated?

When Sodium Thioglycolate is heated, it releases poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide and sulfur oxides.


Is Sodium Thioglycolate soluble compound?

Sodium Thioglycolate is soluble in both organic and inorganic solutions.


Where can I buy Sodium Thioglycolate?

Here at Camachem, Sodium Thioglycolate is for sale. These chemicals can be supplied in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and Plastic Drums of various sizes if you need a large quantity. Camachem has been selling Sodium Thioglycolate directly to customers all around the world.

Sodium Thioglycolate for sale at Camachem

Sodium Thioglycolate Packaging


How much does Sodium Thioglycolate cost?

The cost of raw materials, logistics, and other industrial inputs are frequently factors that influence the pricing. The price per tonne is estimated to be $400.00.

Sodium Thioglycolate for sale at Camachem

Sodium Thioglycolate cost


What is the PH of Sodium Thioglycolate?

The pH of Sodium Thioglycolate is normally in the range of 7 to 11.


Is Sodium Thioglycolate an Electrolytic compound?

Because it contains sodium ions, Sodium Thioglycolate is an electrolytic compound.


Can Sodium Thioglycolate go down the drain?

As much as possible, this chemical should be reused, and direct contact with the environment should be avoided. A licensed professional waste disposal agency must be contacted for disposal.


What is the difference between Sodium Thioglycolate and Sodium Cyanide?

Both of these compounds are employed in the mining industry, but their look, price, and manufacturing methods are significantly different. Sodium Thioglycolate is a liquid chemical that is less expensive than Sodium Cyanide, a crystalline or granular chemical used in gold mining.