How To Successfully Import Chemicals to Burundi

From 2014 to 2017, Burundi's GDP grew at an average rate of about 4.5%, putting its economic performance in line with the Sub-Saharan Africa average growth rate of 5%. This rapid growth was possible thanks to measures that helped with better macroeconomic and fiscal management.  Although Burundi's economic growth has slowed recently, it will still have positive economic growth from 2019 to 2022, averaging 1.4% annually. Burundi has a lot of room for progress. To increase their sales and the economy as a whole, they also allow chemical imports from nations like China. This article covers everything you need to know about chemical imports into Burundi.

Introduction to Burundi Chemical Market

Chemicals are needed in every product and are essential to people's daily lives worldwide. These goods preserve crops, boost yields, prevent, and treat disease, among many other advantages that improve people's quality of life. Burundi relies on industries like agriculture, natural resources, and mining. The World Bank has also identified these key areas for potential growth. Therefore, expanding the chemical market in Burundi will further expand the country's economy. Here is an overview of these sectors: 


  • Agriculture

The Burundi Country Economic Memorandum (CEM) of the World Bank examines the important prospects for Burundi to enhance food production, generate jobs, and support sustainable economic growth. These opportunities include fostering trade, enhancing productivity, and private sector participation in agriculture. Over 90% of the population is employed in agriculture, which generates over 40% of the global GDP. More than half of Burundi's foreign exchange revenues come from its main exports, which include coffee and tea.


  • Mining

Columbium (niobium), tantalum, tungsten, and minor gold reserves are all produced in Burundi and are destined for export. Copper, cobalt, nickel, feldspar, phosphate rock, quartzite, rare quantities of uranium, and vanadium are all found in Burundi. The nation also produces limestone, peat, sand, and gravel for domestic use and as building materials. Manufacturing contributed 8% of the nation's gross domestic GDP as of 2005.

The flag of Burundi

How Can I Import Chemicals To Burundi From China? 

With the information above, it is obvious that the chemical market in Burundi will grow quickly. To succeed as a chemical importer, you must comprehend the key documents. You must also finish all the import documents. This way, you can effectively negotiate the customs procedure. The following lists the required documents:

Import License

People who want to import into Burundi must get an import license. The Department of Foreign Trade issues this License within the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism. Importers must include the goods they intend to import in their application. The Ministry examines their demands, particularly if the imports won't harm people's health. This work is done in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Health.

Bill of Lading

An official commercial document known as a bill of lading (BoL) is given to the shipper by logistical firms or carriers. It contains information on the items being transported, such as the product's type, quantity, and destination. When the carrier drops off the shipment in Burundi, a bill of lading functions as a shipping receipt. Regardless of the mode of transportation, it must be signed by an authorized person from the carrier, shipper, and receiver, and it must be included with the goods.

Certificate of Origin

In international economic transactions, a certificate of origin is frequently used to testify that the products described therein have complied with certain requirements to be recognized as being from a given country. The manufacturer drafts and completes a certificate of origin, although it can also require official certification from a trustworthy third party.

A copy of a Certificate of Origin from China

Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice is an essential document for the export and import clearance procedure. It is occasionally applied to currency exchange. It is the paperwork that customs officers in the buyer's nation use to calculate import taxes and levies.

Packing List

A document used in international trade is known as a packing list. It gives details about the shipment to the exporter, international freight forwarder, and eventual consignee, including how it is packed, the marks and numbers noted on the outside of the boxes, and the size and weight of each package.

Which Companies are Pre-Shipment Inspection and Testing Agents in China?

As an importer, you should know that before you start importing chemicals, the pre-shipment inspection process in China is a crucial step in the supply chain management process. It is the last phase of each industrial process. An authorized pre-shipment testing and inspection company list in China for Burundi importation is shown below:





China Certification & Inspection Group (CCIC)

China - Headquarter

Sanyuan Building, No.18 Xibahe Dongli Chaoyang District.Beijing, P.R.China

+86 10-8460 3456

[email protected]

Guangzhou Jingcheng Inspection Co,.Ltd

Room 301-547, Building 6, No.18, Kelin Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China


[email protected]

Shanghai Hanlin Laboratory Ltd.

Room J. 15 Floor, No 58, Liuhe Road, (no. 1 plaza), Shanghai 200001 China


[email protected]

How To Import Chemicals to Burundi From China: Step By Step

Follow the steps below for a successful and trouble-free chemical importation from China to Burundi:


  • Carry out market research

Making trade inquiries is the first step in every purchasing and selling transaction, including import transactions. A written trade inquiry is a request for information from a potential buyer to different companies about the price and conditions of the goods. This also gives the opportunity to assess various options and go for the best.


  • Select the best dealer

China has a large number of chemical suppliers, so it's important to pick one that is trustworthy and reliable. Doing this helps you relax, knowing you will get the best service. Camachem is a reliable company you can trust when it comes to chemical importation. The company has vast experience importing goods into different countries, including Burundi.


  • Choose a Shipping Method

Before you start shipping your items, you must select a shipping method. The shipping method will vary depending on the kind of chemical you are importing. The quantity and weight of the chemicals and your financial situation will also affect the shipping method. You will also need to choose the appropriate incoterms for the shipping method.


  • Arrange your papers

You must familiarize yourself with Burundi's customs procedures and prepare your paperwork if you want to hasten the importing process. This will let you scale through unnecessary delays and hurdles caused by customs checks.


Importing Chemicals from China into Burundi can increase your profitability while providing access to a diverse and wide range of Chemicals at an affordable price. Due to the nature of chemicals, they require proper handling, which is why several procedures must be completed before you can successfully import and collect your chemicals at any Burundi port.  

How Can Camachem Help Me Import Chemicals in Burundi?

Camachem is a reliable company with a wealth of experience in shipping chemicals to different countries across the globe. The company has handled the exportation of chemicals from China to various countries, including Burundi. All you have to do is visit the website, make an order for any chemical of your choice, acquire appropriate approvals as indicated above, and we will handle the rest. 

Our company has exported various chemicals to Burundi through Bujumbura Port. They include:

  1. DCP
  2. Caustic Soda Flakes
  3. Caustic Soda Pearls
  4. Sodium Bicarbonate
  5. Soda Ash (Dense and Light)
  6. Sodium Metabisulfite (SMBS)
  7. Sodium Sulfide
  8. SLES 70%
  9. Many others

Our company is reputable for producing, packing, and shipping chemicals in large quantities to clients across different continents, including Africa. Therefore, once your documents are in place, you can contact Camachem to import the best chemicals.

Camachem Successfully Exported Chemicals to Burundi

Camachem preparing Caustic Soda Flakes Shipment in Tianjin for Bujumbura Port

A package of Caustic Soda Pearl ready to be imported to Burundi


A package of Caustic Soda Pearl ready to be imported to Burundi

Camachem Preparing SLES 70 Shipment to Bujumbura Port

A chemical ready to be shipped Into Burundi

A chemical ready to be shipped Into Burundi