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In order for us to understand if our gold dressing agent, TAS96 is compatible with your mining processing. Please help us by answering the questions below:

1.  What kind of ore type do you have?

  1. Oxide ore
  2. Primary ore
  3. Other (please specify)

1.   Oxidized Ore:


Oxidized Ore - gold extraction


This type of ore has undergone oxidation and typically contains minerals like iron oxides. Oxidized ores are usually easier to process compared to primary ores due to their altered state, which often allows for more efficient leaching.

2.   Primary Ore:


Primary Ore - gold extraction


Also known as unoxidized ore, primary ore has not undergone significant chemical alteration. It often contains sulfide minerals and can be more challenging to process, requiring more intensive and complex leaching techniques.

3.   Other (please specify):

If your ore type doesn't fall into the above categories, please provide specific details. This could include mixed ores, refractory ores, or any other unique characteristics that might affect processing and leaching efficiency. Describing the specific mineral composition and geological characteristics will help us better understand your ore type and recommend the most suitable processing method.

4.  What is the average gold grade of raw ore?


average gold grade of raw ore


Please provide the average concentration of gold in your raw ore, typically expressed in grams per ton (g/t). This information is crucial as it determines the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the leaching process.

A higher gold grade generally indicates a more profitable extraction process, whereas lower grades might require more advanced techniques to achieve optimal recovery rates. Knowing the gold grade helps us tailor our gold dressing agent, TAS96, to maximize gold recovery from your specific ore type.

5.  Do you have a spectral analysis report of the ore material composition?

If yes, please attach or summarize the key findings.

6.  What kind of leaching technique is used?

  1. Heap leaching
  2. CIL (Carbon-in-Leach)
  3. CIP (Carbon-in-Pulp)
  4. Other (please specify)


kind of leaching technique for gold ore


Please specify the leaching technique employed in your mining operations. The efficiency of TAS96 can vary depending on the method used, and understanding your process helps us provide the best solution.

1.   Heap leaching:

A process where gold ore is piled into heaps and irrigated with a leaching solution to dissolve the precious metals. It’s suitable for low-grade ores and is often used in large-scale operations due to its cost-effectiveness.

2.   CIL (Carbon-in-Leach):

Involves the leaching of gold ore slurry with a cyanide solution and simultaneous adsorption onto activated carbon. It’s a highly effective method for recovering gold from higher-grade ores and is commonly used in modern gold processing plants.

3.   CIP (Carbon-in-Pulp):

Similar to CIL, but the gold is first leached and then adsorbed onto activated carbon in separate tanks. This method is also efficient for high-grade ores and allows for more control over the leaching and adsorption stages.

4.   Other (please specify):

If your leaching technique differs from the above, please provide details. This could include alternative methods like bioleaching, thiosulfate leaching, or other innovative techniques. Providing specific information will help us assess compatibility with TAS96 and recommend appropriate adjustments if needed.

If Heap leaching


Heap leaching for gold ore

Please specify the following things:

    1.  Ore processing capacity (tons per day/month/year)
    2. Average particle size (mesh or mm)
    3. Ore heap size (Height, Thickness)
    4. Current leaching rate using NaCN (% recovery)

If CIL/CIP leaching


CIL/CIP leaching for gold ore


Please specify the following things:

  1. Ore processing capacity (tons per day/month/year)
  2. Grinding fineness (mesh or mm)
  3. Slurry concentration (% solids)
  4. Current leaching rate using NaCN (% recovery)

Providing this information will help us tailor our solutions to your specific needs and ensure the best performance of TAS96 in your operations. Thank you for your cooperation!

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