Sodium cyanide is a chemical compound with the formula NaCN. It is a popular chemical in the mining industry for extraction of Gold. The chemical is white in color, soluble in water, and has the property of a moderate strong base.


Sodium cyanide is a toxic chemical that needs to be handled with extreme care. It is poisonous and can cause fatal injury to a person. In order to avoid sodium cyanide poisoning, here are 7 safety measures you should know when handling the chemical.

1. In Contact With The Skin

Sodium cyanide is toxic to the skin. It can result in both acute and chronic effects. If exposed to the skin, the chemical can cause skin irritation. Other effects are itching, rash, and dermatitis. At the premorbid stage of the toxicity, cyanosis might be evidence as a symptom.

To avoid sodium cyanide coming in contact with your skin, you must adhere strictly to all recommended safety precautions. Firstly, ensure you make use of impervious clothings such as jackets, hand gloves, and shoes. This will disallow the chemical from touching any part of your body while handling. Likewise, remove all clothing after use and rinse your hands and body thoroughly.

2. In Contact With The Eyes

Sodium cyanide is also toxic to the eye. If the chemical gets exposed to the eye, it can cause dilated pupils. It might also result in conjunctivitis, corneal edema, and keratitis. There have been cases of reported damaged optic nerve and transient blindness.

To avoid exposure of sodium cyanide to the eye, make use of protective goggles. This keeps your eyes safe from getting exposed even during spillage. Also, you must avoid touching your eye area while handling the chemical.

3. Ingestion

Sodium cyanide is an extremely poisonous chemical and may cause fatal accidents if ingested. Some acute effects when ingested are gastrointestinal tract damage, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Indiscriminate ingestion in large quantities might result in death.

To avoid accidental ingestion, make use of mouth covering while handling the chemical. Also, do not eat, drink, or smoke in the environment where sodium cyanide is being handled. Avoid touching your mouth or lips while handling the chemical.

4. Environmental Hazards And Precautions

Sodium cyanide is a toxic chemical and should not be released to the environment either carelessly or by disposal. The chemical is harmful to both animals and plants. The mist and the vapor of the chemical can be dangerous to the nasal cavity. It can also cause damage to plant growth.

Sodium cyanide can have acute and chronic effects on aquatic lives when exposed to water bodies. Although the chemical itself is not combustible, but when it is heated for long, it can release toxic and poisonous hydrogen cyanide gas. As such, you must avoid exposing the chemical to fire.

To dispose of sodium cyanide, liaise with the local waste disposal authority or an approved toxic chemical disposal agency. Do not flush down the drain or dispose of it carelessly.

5. Storage Suggestions

Sodium cyanide must be stored in a cool and dry place. It must be a well-ventilated area with enough air. If necessary, it is advisable to use a local exhaust ventilation while storing the chemical. Check for anything that can cause fire and ensure they are removed or contained. Do not store chemicals where they can be exposed to acid, salt, or water as coming in contact with any of this may liberate toxic Hydrogen cyanide gas.

6. Packaging Suggestions

Sodium cyanide should be packed in a very safe container. The container must have a tightly sealed lid to avoid escape of vapor or mist to the atmosphere. Avoid packaging chemicals with incompatible substances such as copper, zinc, magnesium, tin, or any of their alloys. Avoid using a container that has previously been used to store any acid, salt, or water as it will react negatively with the chemical.

7. How Can You Buy Sodium Cyanide

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