What is Activated Carbon?

Activated Carbon is an industrial chemical. It is also known as Activated Charcoal. It is typically charcoal black with varying mesh sizes. The compound comes in the forms:

This chemical has many industrial uses but largely it is used in gold mining processes in the mining industry.

Activated Carbon granules.

Activated Carbon Uses

Activated Carbon is an extremely useful chemical. It is a mining chemical most popularly used in the mining industry. Its uses are:

  • Activated Carbon is used in the process of cyanidation. Cyanidation is a gold extraction process. Activated Carbon is also used for gold purification in the mining industry.
  • It is used in metal finishing for purifying electroplating solutions.
  • It is also used for medicinal purposes. It can treat poisonings, overdoses, diarrhea, indigestion, and flatulence.
  • It is used for the extraction of direct oral anticoagulants.
  • It is used for removing pollutants from air and water, for spill cleanup, and drinking water filtration.
  • It is used in the agricultural sector as a pesticide, animal feed additive, and disinfectant.
  • It is used in winemaking as a processing agent.
  • It is used in gas purification.
  • It is used for the purification of organic molecule solutions.

Is Activated Carbon Safe?

Activated Carbon is considered safe because the chemical is toxic. Exposure to this chemical may have acute or chronic health effects. According to the MSDS of Activated Carbon, it may cause respiratory tract irritation, lung damage, and mechanical eye and skin irritation. Moreover, it may cause central nervous system effects. Inhalation may lead to decreased pulmonary function. Proper storage and disposal of Activated Carbon needs to be taken into consideration in order to avoid any unwanted effects

Activated Carbon powder.

How is Activated Carbon Made?

Industrially, Activated Carbon is produced by:

  • Physical activation in which the source material is developed into activated carbon using hot gases and air for cooling. It includes the processes of carbonization and activation/oxidation.
  • Chemical activation in which the carbon material is impregnated with specific chemicals. Chemical activation is much preferred because of low temperatures, better quality consistency, and shorter activation time.

Where to Buy Activated Carbon in Bulk?

You may be able to find small quantities of Activated Carbon in your area. However, in order to buy large quantities of Activated Carbon, it is preferable to import directly from the manufacturers. They can issue certifications and provide cost savings which is better than buying the chemical in small quantities locally or from a distributor.

If you require bulk quantities of this chemical, you can buy Activated Carbon on our website or contact us for further details.

Activated Carbon in bulk.

Which Countries Manufacture Activated Carbon in Bulk?

The consumption of Activated Carbon has increased dramatically across the world, especially in the developing countries. Therefore, its huge demand has led to a surge in companies that produce it. The main producers of Activated Carbon are:

  • China
  • Japan
  • United States
  • Germany
  • India
  • Australia

How is Activated Carbon Exported?

Activated Carbon is shipped in 25kg PP bags.

Activated Carbon ready to be shipped!

What is the Latest Activated Carbon Price?

As Activated Carbon is a commodity product, the price usually changes depending on the price of raw materials, logistics and other related industrial inputs such as labor and taxes. In order to get the latest price of Activated Carbon, please contact us and we will provide a quotation right up to your country.

Where to Buy Activated Carbon?

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