Chloroprene is an organic chemical used as a monomer in the production of synthetic rubber such as Neoprene. It is a colorless volatile liquid that can be toxic to human health if not properly handled. The chemical formula of Chloroprene is C4H5Cl and the IUPAC name is 2-Chlorobuta 1,3-diene. It has a pungent odor, soluble in alcohol and diethyl ether. The chemical can be produced through the acetylene process and also the modern method of chlorination of 1,3-butadiene.

Image of Chloroprene Rubber CR2443 available at Camachem

Neoprene is also known as Polychloroprene as it is produced from the polymerization of Chloroprene. It is usually a solid rubber of latex form. It is a very useful chemical that finds application across different manufacturing industries that use rubber and latex. It is also used in the production of many products such as electrical insulation, waterproof materials, laptop sleeve, mouse pads, and other appliances that has rubber or latex coating.

What Are Major Brands

Chloroprene/ Neoprene has a limited number of producers globally. This makes them a scarce commodity and not easily accessible. There are 5 companies that serve as major producers of this chemical. The table below show the companies  and their respective brands.



Vanderbilt Chemical









Denka Chloroprene 

Our Replacements 

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Image of Chloroprene Rubber CR2444 available at Camachem

Our Products Certificate of Analysis

To support our claim of quality delivery of Chloroprene, you can find Certificate of Analysis of our product in the image below. This features the product index of all available Chloroprene we have available for sale at Camachem.

Certificate of Analysis for Chloroprene at Camchem

Replacement For Baypren

You also need to know that we have Chloroprene/Neoprene which is equivalent to Baypren. They are suitable for all Chloroprene actions and have fast rubber crystallization speed. Other characteristics are good adhesion, high cement strength, good oil resistance, ozone and aging resistance, and also sunlight resistance. Our available chemicals can be used in different manufacturing process and companies making leather, plastic, rubber, ceramic, concrete, shoes, furniture, mattress, sofa, toys, and any other products.


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