What is Liquid Caustic Soda?

Liquid caustic soda also known as Lye is an alkaline Sodium Hydroxide solution, an inorganic Industrial Chemical with a wide range of applications. It can be 32% or 50%. It is a strong base and is used for cleaning purposes and also has other industrial uses. The 50 percent liquid caustic soda appears as a colorless solution with no distinct smell. 

Liquid Caustic Soda for sale at Camachem

Liquid Caustic Soda


Liquid Caustic Soda 50% Uses

Liquid Caustic Soda is can be used in a variety of operations. Some applications and strengths are given below:

  • This chemical is mostly used in water purification and wastewater treatment, where it also functions as a partial water softener.
  • They are used in pulping and bleaching procedures in the paper industry.
  • Liquid caustic soda lye is used to refine crude oil and mineral oils in the mining industry, and it is also used to make detergents and shampoos.
  • Liquid caustic soda is a component in a variety of plasticizers used in construction.
  • It can also be used to refine cooking oils.
  • Liquid caustic soda could be used to regulate the pH of water in water treatment operations.
  • It can be used in animal breeding and beekeeping for cleaning and disinfection, as well as disease management in fruit cultivation.
  • This solution also aids in ammonia recovery during coke production.
  • It is used effectively in the production of pharmaceuticals such as sodium lactate.

Liquid Caustic Soda for sale at Camachem

Liquid Caustic Soda


Is Liquid Caustic Soda 50% Safe?

Since Caustic Soda Pearl is a powerful alkali, it can cause protein damage in humans. It will burn and irreversibly harm any tissue that comes into contact with it. If Liquid Caustic Soda 50 percent is accidentally consumed, it can cause irritation and inflammation of the mouth, throat, esophagus, and stomach, according to the MSDS. As a result, if ingested by accident, medical help should be sought as soon as possible.


How Is Liquid Caustic Soda Made?

In the industrial setting, the electrolytic chloralkaline process can be used to synthesize a 50 percent solution of sodium hydroxide, where the reaction occurs between sodium and water.


Where To Buy Liquid Caustic Soda 50% In Bulk?

Small quantities of 50% Liquid Caustic Soda may be available in your area. However, it is preferable to import large quantities of Liquid Caustic Soda directly from the manufacturer. They can be concerned with certifications and provide potential savings that are less expensive than purchasing the chemical in small quantities locally or from a distribution company.

If you require large quantities of this chemical, please visit our website to get Liquid Caustic Soda 50% or contact us for more information.

Liquid Caustic Soda for sale at Camachem

Liquid Caustic Soda


Which Countries Manufacture Liquid Caustic Soda 50% In Bulk?

The use of Liquid Caustic Soda has increased dramatically around the world, particularly in developing countries. The number of companies supplying it has increased dramatically as a result of the high demand. The following companies are the leading manufacturers of Ferric Chloride Anhydrous 96%:

  • China
  • USA
  • France
  • Malaysia
  • Belgium
  • India
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sweden
  • Germany


How Is Liquid Caustic Soda 50%Exported? 

Liquid Caustic Soda 50% can be shipped in:

  • 250kg plastic drum
  • 500kg plastic drum

Liquid Caustic Soda for sale at Camachem

Liquid Caustic Soda


What Is the Latest Liquid Caustic Soda 50%Price? 

Because Liquid Caustic Soda 50 percent is a commodity, its price is affected by the cost of raw materials, logistics, and other related industrial inputs such as labor and taxes. Please contact us for the most recent price on Liquid Caustic Soda 50%, and we'll send you a quote right to your door.


Where To Buy Liquid Caustic Soda 50%? 

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