What is Sulfonic Acid?

Sulfonic acid is a member of the class of the organosulfur compound. Sulfonic acid can be seen as sulfuric acid having one hydroxyl group that is replaced with an organic substituent. Sulfonic acid is a strong acid.

There are several forms of Sulfonic acid and it's used for several reasons based on the form.

Some sulfonic acids occur naturally while some are obtained through a certain chemical process.  Sulfonic is commonly applied in the manufacturing of dyes, detergents, pharmaceuticals, and catalysts.

Properties of Sulfonic Acid (chemical structure, chemical/physical properties)

Here are some of the properties of Sulfonic acid:

Sulfonic Acid formula

The molecular formula for Sulfonic acid is H203S. The chemical formula for Sulfonic acid is R-S(=O)2-OH.

Sulfonic Acid density

The density of Sulfonic acid is 2.2g/cm³.

Sulfonic Acid boiling point

Sulfonic acid has a boiling point of 167°C.

Sulfonic Acid melting point

The melting point of Sulfonic acid is 259.5°C.

Sulfonic Acid structure

Sulfonic acid is made up of a functional group that is characterized by a sulfur atom which is doubly bound to a carbon atom of any hybridization and a hydroxyl group.

Sulfonic Acid pH

Sulfonic acid is a very strong acid, due to its strong acidity its pH level can't be measured directly. The common values are indirect estimates and are uncertain.

Sulfonic Acid molar mass

The molar mass of Sulfonic acid is 42cm³.

Is Sulfonic Acid water soluble?

Yes, sulfonic acids are water soluble. However long-chain sulfonic acid tends to exhibit detergent-like characteristics.

Sulfonic Acid uses/ uses of Sulfonic Acid

Yes, sulfonic acids are water soluble. However long-chain sulfonic acid tends to exhibit detergent-like characteristics.

Sulfonic Acid in Manufacturing of Detergents

Sulfonic acid has been used in place for soap in several advanced countries since the 20th century. Sulfonic acid is used in manufacturing detergents such as detergent powder, washing powder, cleaning powder, and oil soap. Sulfonic acid is often used in making most household cleaning materials.

Sulfonic Acid as a catalyst and dyeing agent

Most of the dyeing agents used today are made through sulfonation. Sulfonic acid bonds quickly with carbohydrates and protein hereby most dyed washables have the sulfonyl group in them or sulfonic acid. Sulfonic acids are also used as a catalyst due to being strong acids examples include Nafion, dowex resin, and methane sulfonic acid.

Sulfonic Acid as an element in pharmaceuticals

Sulfonic acid is also used in the production of drugs. Sulfa drugs, also known as Sulphonamides, an antibacterial drug made from sulfonic acid. Sulfa drugs can also be used to treat cough and allergies, as well as antimalarial and antifungal functions.

Sulfonic Acid’s safety

Here are safety precautions when handling Sulfonic Acid:

Skin contact with Sulfonic Acid

Sulfonic acid can cause severe burns on the skin when it comes in contact with the skin in its raw form. It also causes skin irritation, rash, itching, and dryness.

Eye contact with Sulfonic Acid

Eye contact with sulfonic acid can cause eye burns and irritation. It can also damage the eye. Rinse eyes with water immediately after it comes in contact with Sulfonic acid.

Inhalation/ingestion of Sulfonic Acid

Sulfonic acid harms the body once inhaled and ingested. It tends to irritate the throat and nose.

How is Sulfonic Acid made?

Sulfonic acid is mainly obtained through the process of sulfonation which entails the addition of sulfur trioxide and concentrated sulfuric acid. Sulfonic acid is mostly used in the sodium salt form, it needs to undergo neutralization with sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide.

Sulfonic acid can also be produced through oxidizing organosulfur compounds, reacting metallic sulfites and alkyl halides, and reacting anime complexes of sulfur trioxide with organometallic compounds.

Which countries manufacture/export Sulfonic Acid in bulk?

The main manufacturers of Sulfonic Acid include China, India, and South Africa. Sulfonic acid is now being consumed and used in several developing countries all over the world.

How is Sulfonic Acid exported/ How is Sulfonic Acid transported?

Sulfonic acid is often transported using 1100kg IBC drums and 215kg plastic drums. You may also demand for a customized quantity.

Sulfonic Acid FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Sulfonic Acid:

What is Sulfonic Acid used for?

Sulfonic acid has several applications. It can be used to make detergents, water-soluble products, and pharmaceuticals. It can also be used as a catalyst.

What is Sulfonic Acid in skin care?

Sulfonic acid is used in skin care due to its ability to activate the skin's natural enzymes that will assist in breaking the bond binding of dead skin cells and the surface of the skin to ensure even exfoliation.

What is another name for sulfonic acid?

Sulfonic acid can alternatively be spelt as Sulphonic acid and this may act as another name for the chemical.

Is sulfonic acid safe?

Sulfonic acid is said to be safe, however, it can cause skin, lung, and eye irritation and in extreme conditions, burns. You should be careful while working with sulfonic acid and ensure you are out on protective clothing at all times. There should be proper ventilation to ensure the flow of clean air.

What is sulfonic acid in liquid soap?

Sulfonic acid is used in liquid soaps and detergents to break down the surface tension present between water, dirt, grease, and other forms of grime for effective cleaning.

Is sulfonic acid good for skin?

Sulfonic acid is safe for your skin. It is a widely used chemical in the cosmetics industry. Sulfonic acid helps protect your skin from the sun and it also exfoliates the skin.

What does sulfonic acid react with?

Sulfonic acid often reacts with sodium chloride to form hydrogen chloride and sodium sulfonate.

Why are sulfonic acids strong?

Sulfonic acid is a strong acid due to the hydrogen atom present.

How to neutralize sulfonic acid?

Sulfonic acids are often neutralized to being in their sodium salt form. They are often neutralized with sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide.

Is sulfonic acid a foaming agent?

Sulfonic acid can be used as a foaming agent.

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