Sodium Silicate

Sodium Silicate

Ferrocene Powder in a 25kg/bag Plastic Bag

Ferrocene 98%

Camachem CC5640

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Camachem CC5640

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Density (25℃)


Copper complex solubility (g/l Cu)


Flash point


Extraction kinetics (30s)


Extraction phase separating (s)


Extraction isothermal point (g/l Cu)


Kinetics of stripping (30s %)


Bae-extraction phase separating (s)


Bae-extraction isothermal point (g/l Cu)


Net copper transfer (g/l Cu)


Extraction Cu/Fe selectivity


  • This extractant exhibits a remarkable selectivity for copper over iron (Cu/Fe selectivity), coupled with a robust capability for extraction.
  • Its performance is characterized by stability and efficiency, featuring rapid phase separation and minimal entrainment.
  • Specifically designed for copper extraction, it finds extensive application in the recovery of copper from acidic leach solutions in copper mining operations.
  • Furthermore, its suitability is particularly pronounced for extracting copper under conditions of medium to low pH levels. This enhanced effectiveness in lower pH environments makes it an ideal choice for such extraction processes.
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Camachem CC5640