Phosphoric Acid 85%

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  • Phosphoric (V) acid


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  • 330Kg Drum / 26.4Tons / 20ft Container
  • 35Kg Drum / 26.6Tons/ 20ft Container
  • 1650 Kg IBC Drum / 26.4 Tons / 20ft Container
  • 1600 Kg IBC Drum / 25.6 Tons / 20ft Container


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Phosphoric Acid 85%

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Phosphoric Acid
Chemical formula: H3PO4
Molecular weight: 172.09
Standard executed: GB/T 28159-2011; GB3149-2004/FCC; GB/T 2091-2008
Properties: Under normal temperature, phosphoric acid is a colorless transparent viscous liquid, with a melting point of 21.1℃ and a boiling point of 158 ℃. As a tribasic acid with moderate acidity, it has all the common characteristics of
an acid, including strong metal corrosion properties.
Usage: 1. Phosphoric acid Electronic Grade is widely used in the semiconductor industry in ultra large scale integrated circuits, electronic chips, liquid crystal display films and cleaning and etching of said products. It is also used in the preparation processes of high purity special phosphates and high purity organic phosphorus products.

2. Phosphoric Acid Food Grade is used as a clarifier in food and beverage industries, as an acid additive or a yeast nutrient, and in the production of food grade phosphates.

3.Mainly used as a metal surface treatment agent, as the phosphate in raw material products, as an organic  reaction catalyst in the sugar industry and as a refractory additive or a activated carbon treatment agent in the compound fertilizer industry.

Packaging and

Electronic Grade:Packaged in 200L HDPE drums(330Kg /drum), IBC ton barrels (1700 Kg /drum), or the ISO lorry lined in 316L stainless steel.

Food grade : 1000L IBC (1700KG/tank,IBC) , 200L drum (330KG/drum) , 25L drum(35KG/drum) and ISO-TANK. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from toxic and hazardous

Tech grade:1000L tank(1700KG/tank, IBC);200L plastic drum (330KG/drum) ; 25L plastic drum(35KG/drum) and ISO-TANK.

Conclusion Approved

Chemical appearance:
The 85% phosphoric acid is an aqueous solution that is colourless, odourless and not volatile. It presents in the form of a syrup, thick but still pourable. The basic conjugate base of this acid is a dihydrogen phosphate anion which is a mix of hydrogen and phosphate ions.

Chemical application and strengths:

  • There are two types of phosphoric acids, food grade and industrial grade phosphoric acids. The food grade phosphoric acid is added to foods and drinks to give them a slight acidic feel. It is common in colas and jams where it gives them a sour or tangy taste.

  • The food grade type is also used as nutrition agent for food containing yeast. This helps in the growth of yield in the production process without the formation of other bacteria that are not essential in the maturing of foods or drinks. In sugar production, the acid acts as reaction catalyst.

  • The industrial-grade phosphoric acid is used as a drying agent, a catalyst and cleaners. It is also used in the production of various chemical treatment liquids, phosphates and electrolyte treatment liquids. In the metal production industry, phosphoric acid is used as a coating to prevent rust in metals. In addition, the acid is used in the semiconductor industry in the making of liquid crystal display films, electronic chips as well as cleaning of such products.

  • Although phosphoric acid is generally referred to as a weak acid. It has all the characteristics of an acid. According to PubChem, it is also a sequestering agent that binds to various divalent metal cations including iron and magnesium. This quality allows it to be used in a number of electrolyte correction applications in both the food and industrial applications

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Phosphoric Acid 85%