Other Trading Names:

  • 2-Methylpropane
  • i-Butane
  • Methylpropane

CAS Number: 75-28-5

HS Code: 29011000

Types of Packaging:

  • 50 L/Steel Cylinder
  • 100 L/Steel Cylinder
  • 250 L/Steel Cylinder
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Chemical Name




Molecular Formula


CAS Number



Colorless Gas

Grade Standard

Industrial Grade, Refrigerant Grade, Fuel Grade


Soluble in water

Melting Point


Boiling Point



2.51 g/cm³ at boiling point

Chemical Description

  • Isobutane, also known as 2-methylpropane, is a chemical compound with a molecular formula of C4H10. It is a colorless gas at room temperature and pressure, with a characteristic but faint odor.
  • Isobutane is part of the alkane family and is derived from natural gas or crude oil refining processes.Isobutane's unique structure with a branched alkane provides it with specific properties that make it useful in various industries.
  • Refrigeration: Isobutane is used as a refrigerant in refrigerators and air conditioning systems due to its low environmental impact and low Global Warming Potential (GWP). It is often preferred over other refrigerants for its safety and environmental friendliness.
  • Fuel: It is a significant component of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and is used as a propellant in camping stoves and lighters. It provides a clean-burning fuel source with a high energy content.
  • Aerosols: Due to its low boiling point and gas-forming properties, Isobutane is used as a propellant in aerosol cans for deodorants, hairsprays, and other consumer products.
  • Industrial Chemicals: Isobutane is a building block in the synthesis of other chemicals. It is used to produce alkylates, which are critical components in high-octane gasoline. It is also employed in the production of isobutylene and other derivatives.
  • Extraction and Solvents: Isobutane serves as a solvent in certain industrial processes, including the extraction of essential oils from plant material. It is also utilized in the extraction of specific compounds in the food and beverage industry.
  • Blowing Agent: It is used as a blowing agent in the manufacturing of certain foams and plastics due to its low boiling point and gas-forming characteristics.
  • Isobutane is valued for its lower environmental impact compared to other hydrocarbon gasses, contributing to its widespread use in applications seeking sustainable solutions.
  • It is non-corrosive, non-toxic, and offers high energy density, which makes it an ideal choice for various industrial and consumer applications.
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