Lanthanum Oxide

Other Trading Names:

  • Lanthanum(Ⅲ) oxide
  • Lanthana
  • Lanthanoxid
  • Lanthanum oxide

CAS Number:1312-81-8

HS Code: 28461090

Types of Packaging:

  • 50KG Bag
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Lanthanum Oxide

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Rare Earth Oxide Powder


99.99% -99.999%


99.99% ,99.999%

Application :

Glass ,Ceramic industry,etc

Chemical Description

  • Lanthanum oxide is an oxide of lanthanum (III), white orthorhombic or amorphous powder. Soluble in acid, ethanol, ammonium chloride, insoluble in water, ketone.
  • It is mainly used in the manufacture of precision optical glass and optical fiber.
  • Lanthanum(III) oxide is used as a precursor to LAMOX fast ion conductors and superconductors. It is also used in the manufacture of optical glasses, piezoelectric and thermoelectric material.
  • It is also useful for X-ray imaging intensifying screens, phosphors as well as dielectric and conductive ceramics.
  • In addition, it is used as a catalyst to effect certain organic transformations. It is one of the active ingredients and finds application in thermoelectric and piezoelectric materials.
  • Lanthanum oxide is used to make high-quality glass, ceramics, carbon-arc electrodes, and fluorescent lamps.
  • Lanthanum (III) oxide was used as an analytical standard in inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) for chemical characterization of ancient pottery.
  • Lanthanum Oxide, also called Lanthana, high purity Lanthanum Oxide (99.99% to 99.999%) is applied in making special optical glasses to improves the alkali resistance of glass, and is used in La-Ce-Tb phosphors for fluorescent lamps and making special optical glasses, such as infrared-absorbing glass, as well as camera and telescope lenses, Low grade of Lanthanum Oxide is widely used in ceramics and FCC catalyst, and also as raw material for Lanthanum Metal production
  • Lanthanum Oxide is also used as a grain growth additive during the liquid phase sintering of Silicon Nitride and Zirconium Diboride.
  • Lanthanum (III) oxide is an alkaline earth oxide, and is a diamagnetic, isostructural analog of neodymium oxide. It is also an efficient recyclable catalyst, and can be used in coupling various aryl halides with aromatic/alkyl thiols.
  • Lanthanum oxide (La2O3) has a melting point of 2250°C, is soluble in acids, and very slightly soluble in water. This oxide of a rare earth element occurs in monazite and bastnasite.
  • It is marketed as oxide or as other salts such as oxalate, nitrate, or hydrate. It quickly absorbs water and CO2 from the atmosphere.Its chief use is as an ingredient in non silica,rare element optical glass with oxides of tungsten, tantalum, and thorium.
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Lanthanum Oxide