Liquid Sodium Bromide

Other Trading Names:

  • Sedoneural
  • Geobrom 3400
  • Sodium bromide (anhydrous)

CAS Number: 7647-15-6

HS Code: 28275110

Types of Packaging:

  • 1000L/IBC drum
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Liquid Sodium Bromide

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Product Name

Liquid Sodium Bromide




Colorless liquid

Grade Standard

Industrial Grade



Chloride (Cl)




pH (1:10 di water dilution)



5 ppm

Heavy Metals

10 ppm

Chemical Description 

  • Liquid Sodium Bromide (NaBr), a versatile inorganic liquid renowned for its colorless and odorless nature, reminiscent of sodium chloride.
  • With a high boiling point akin to its chloride counterpart, Sodium Bromide serves as a singular salt of paramount importance in diverse industrial applications, particularly in the oil and gas drilling industry.
  • As a cornerstone component in the formulation of clear brine workover and completion fluids, Sodium Bromide facilitates efficient drilling operations in challenging geological formations characterized by high concentrations of sulfate and bicarbonate ions.
  • These fluids, engineered to achieve densities ranging from 8.4 to 12.8 lb/gal (1,007 to 1,534 kg/m³), play a pivotal role in maintaining well integrity and preventing blowouts in high-pressure environments.
  • In addition to its indispensable role in drilling operations, Liquid Sodium Bromide finds multifaceted utility across a spectrum of industrial and commercial endeavors.
  • Notably, it serves as a potent source of bromine, with the treatment of aqueous NaBr solutions with chlorine gas yielding the elemental bromine—a key ingredient in various chemical processes and applications.
  • Moreover, Liquid Sodium Bromide emerges as an effective biocide when coupled with oxidizing agents such as sodium hypochlorite, exerting potent antimicrobial properties essential for water treatment and sanitation protocols.
  • Its sedative properties, akin to other bromides, further broaden its scope of application, offering therapeutic relief in medical and pharmaceutical contexts.
  • Harnessing the germicidal prowess of bromine liberation, Liquid Sodium Bromide serves as a formidable ally in combating microbial contamination, finding application as an antiseptic and detergent in healthcare and sanitation settings.
  • Its role as a reagent in pharmaceutical preparations underscores its significance in drug synthesis and formulation, facilitating the creation of novel therapeutic agents with precision and efficacy.
  • In conclusion, Liquid Sodium Bromide stands as a testament to the ingenuity of chemical engineering, offering a potent blend of functionality and versatility across diverse industrial and scientific domains.
  • From its pivotal role in oilfield operations to its myriad applications in water treatment, sanitation, and pharmaceuticals, Liquid Sodium Bromide epitomizes the transformative potential of inorganic chemistry in shaping the modern world.
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Liquid Sodium Bromide