N-N Dimethyl Acrylamide

Other Trading Names:

  • Acrylamide
  • N,N-dimethyl
  • Dimethyl Amid kyseliny akrylove
  • dimethyl amid kyseliny akrylove

CAS Number: 2680-03-7

HS Code: 29

Types of Packaging:

  • 190 kgs Drum
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N-N Dimethyl Acrylamide

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Chemical Name

N-N Dimethylacrylamide



Molecular Formula


CAS Number



Colorless liquid

Grade Standard

Industrial Grade, Technical Grade


Miscible with water and most organic solvents

Boiling Point

80-81 °C20 mm Hg(lit.)


0.962 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

Chemical Description

  • N-N DimethylAcrylamide (NDMA) is a versatile organic compound characterized by the presence of both acrylamide and dimethylamine functional groups within its structure. It is primarily recognized for its role as a monomer in the production of polyacrylamides, which are pivotal in various industrial and scientific applications.
  • NDMA is a colorless to pale yellow liquid at room temperature, with a propensity to mix well with water and a broad spectrum of organic solvents. This solubility feature underpins its extensive use in polymer chemistry, where it serves as a co-monomer to impart specific properties to polymers, such as hydrophilicity, electrical conductivity, and thermal stability.
  • In the realm of water treatment, NDMA is instrumental in the formulation of flocculants and coagulants that enhance the efficiency of sedimentation, filtration, and purification processes. Its ability to modify polymer chains makes it invaluable in improving the performance of water treatment chemicals.
  • The paper and pulp industry employs NDMA to increase the strength and quality of paper products. It acts as a sizing agent, enhancing the paper's resistance to water and grease, which is critical for food packaging and specialty papers.
  • In coatings and adhesives, NDMA contributes to the formulation of products with superior adhesion, flexibility, and durability. It is particularly beneficial in producing coatings that are resistant to chemicals and environmental degradation.
  • The personal care and cosmetics sector utilizes NDMA in the creation of hydrogels, conditioning agents, and thickening agents. Its compatibility with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients and its gentle effect on the skin make it a preferred choice for premium beauty and hygiene products.
  • NDMA's role in the synthesis of polymers extends to the medical field, where it is used in manufacturing hydrophilic contact lenses, drug delivery systems, and tissue engineering scaffolds. Its biocompatibility and customizable properties enable the development of medical devices that closely mimic natural tissue behavior.
  • Environmental considerations are paramount with NDMA, as its application in industry is managed under strict regulatory guidelines to mitigate any potential adverse effects on human health and the ecosystem. Continuous research and development efforts are focused on optimizing its use while ensuring environmental sustainability and safety.
  • N-N Dimethyl Acrylamide stands out as a critical ingredient in the chemical industry, driving innovation and enhancing the performance of a wide array of products across various sectors.
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N-N Dimethyl Acrylamide