Neo-Decanoic Acid

Other Trading Names:

  • Neodecanoic acid

CAS Number: 26896-20-8

HS Code: 29157090

Types of Packaging:

  • 200kg drum
  • 1000kgs IBC
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Neo-Decanoic Acid

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Acid value(mgKOH/g)




Colour pt-Co(hazen)





Clear liquid

Chemical Description

  • Neo-Decanoic acid is a super useful chemical that's used in lots of different things we use every day. It's a type of fatty acid with ten carbon atoms in its structure and a special group called a carboxylic acid group at one end. This gives it some pretty cool properties that make it great for all sorts of stuff.
  • When it's solid, Neo-Decanoic acid looks white or a pale yellow color and doesn't have a strong smell. This makes it perfect for mixing into other things without changing their smell too much.
  • One of the main things we use Neo-Decanoic acid for is making esters. These are compounds that are used in making plastics, lubricants, and things like soaps and shampoos.
  • Neo-Decanoic acid can react with alcohols to make these esters, giving them properties like being able to bend without breaking, making things slippery, or helping mix oil and water.
  • In factories, Neo-Decanoic acid is a starting point for making other chemicals we need. By mixing it with other stuff and doing some chemical reactions, we can create all sorts of new compounds for different purposes.
  • Scientists also use Neo-Decanoic acid in their labs to do experiments and make new discoveries. Because it can change into different things in chemical reactions, it's really handy for studying how reactions work and making new molecules.
  • Neo-Decanoic acid, with its unique properties, is a cornerstone of modern industry. Its versatility extends to numerous applications, including plastics, lubricants, soaps, and pharmaceuticals, making it indispensable in our daily lives.
  • Its role in scientific research further underscores its importance, driving innovation and progress in chemistry and materials science.
  • Overall, Neo-Decanoic acid is a real team player in the world of chemistry. Its ability to transform into different things makes it essential for making everyday products like plastics and soaps, as well as for advancing scientific knowledge in research labs.
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Neo-Decanoic Acid