Potassium Polymetaphosphate / Potassium Metaphosphate

Other Trading Names:

  • Hexametaphosphate
  • Sodium hexametaphosphate

CAS Number: 7790-53-6

HS Code: 28352400

Types of Packaging:

  • 1kg/Aluminum foil bag
  • 25kg/Drum
  • 25kg/Carton
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Potassium Polymetaphosphate / Potassium Metaphosphate

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Main Content

≥95 %


> 46 %


> 51.5%

Water insoluble

< 0.2%

Heavy metal (Pb)

< 0.001%


< 0.0002 %


< 0.0008 %

Chemical Description

  • Potassium Polymetaphosphate, also known as Potassium Metaphosphate, is a versatile chemical compound widely used in various industrial applications.
  • This compound is primarily composed of potassium ions and metaphosphate anions, forming a polymeric structure that offers unique properties beneficial in different sectors.
  • One of its key applications is in the food industry, where it serves as a food additive, functioning as a sequestrant, emulsifier, and stabilizer.
  • As a sequestrant, it helps in controlling pH levels and preventing discoloration in processed foods, ensuring product quality and shelf stability.
  • In emulsification, Potassium Polymetaphosphate assists in improving texture and consistency in food products, enhancing their overall appeal to consumers.
  • Moreover, its stabilizing properties make it valuable in preserving the freshness of foods, extending their shelf life and maintaining their nutritional integrity.
  • Beyond the food industry, Potassium Metaphosphate finds applications in water treatment processes.
  • It acts as a dispersant and scale inhibitor, preventing the buildup of mineral deposits in water systems such as boilers and cooling towers, thereby improving efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Additionally, this compound is utilized in the production of detergents and cleaning agents.
  • Its chelating properties help in sequestering metal ions present in hard water, allowing detergents to function effectively in various water conditions.
  • In the agricultural sector, Potassium Polymetaphosphate is employed as a fertilizer additive.
  • It aids in nutrient uptake by plants, promoting healthier growth and improving crop yields.
  • Furthermore, this compound contributes to soil conditioning, enhancing soil structure and fertility for sustainable agriculture practices.
  • In industrial processes, Potassium Metaphosphate serves as a catalyst and a flame retardant.
  • Its catalytic properties facilitate chemical reactions in manufacturing processes, leading to the production of various synthetic materials and compounds.
  • As a flame retardant, it helps in reducing the flammability of materials, enhancing safety in construction and manufacturing industries.
  • Overall, Potassium Polymetaphosphate plays a significant role across diverse sectors, contributing to the improvement of product quality, efficiency in processes, and sustainability in various applications.
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Potassium Polymetaphosphate / Potassium Metaphosphate