Potassium Thioglycolate

Other Trading Names:

  • Sulfanyl Acetate
  • Kalium Mercaptoacetate
  • Potassium Mercaptoacetate;
  • Potassium 2-Mercaptoacetate;Potassium
  • Thioglycolic Acid

CAS Number: 34452-51-2

HS Code: 2942000000

Types of Packaging:

  • 180kg drum
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Potassium Thioglycolate

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Model NO.

Potassium Thioglycolate


Teaching Reagents

Habit Appellation

Monoethanolamine Thioglycolate


Organic Reagent




Diammonium Dithiodiglycolatemonoethanolamine Thiog

Transport Package

1kg/Bag; 25kg/Carton



Chemical Description

  • Potassium thioglycolate is one of the safe and efficient depilatory agents.
  • It reduces the strength of the hair by breaking the disulfide bonds in the hair structure, causing the hair to break and separate from the skin.
  • It has been widely used in hair removal cosmetics.
  • Mainly used as "hair removal spray"; "hair removal mousse"; "hair removal cream"
  • This product is a transparent to slightly pink liquid with a special odor of mercapto compounds, and turns red in the presence of iron, copper and other metal ions.
  • Efficient hair removal, hair removal within 3-10 minutes, easy to use.
  • The product is stable and not easy to deteriorate during the shelf life.
  • Important raw materials for pharmaceuticals and daily necessities.
  • Potassium Thioglycolate is mainly used as Hair removal agents.
  • It can be used as a metal ion monitoring reagent in chemical analysis.
  • The general recommended dosage is: 5%-10%.
  • Depilatory Products: Potassium thioglycolate is a formulator's secret for effective hair removal formulations.
  • It acts by weakening the hair's protein structure, allowing for effortless removal, making it a go-to choice for depilatory creams and lotions.
  • Hair Perming Solutions: In the realm of beauty formulations, potassium thioglycolate plays a pivotal role in perming solutions.
  • By disrupting and reconfiguring disulfide bonds in hair, it enables the creation of beautiful, long-lasting curls and waves.
  • Chemical Processes: Formulators across industries rely on potassium thioglycolate as a trusted reducing agent.
  • Its contributions extend to the creation of pharmaceuticals, textiles, and various chemical products.
  • Metal Etching Solutions: For formulators working with metal treatments, potassium thioglycolate assists in oxide removal and surface preparation, ensuring optimal adhesion for coatings and treatments.
  • Photographic Fixing Formulations: In the world of photography, potassium thioglycolate is essential for formulating fixing solutions.
  • It plays a pivotal role in removing unexposed silver salts, preserving the integrity of photographic images.
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Potassium Thioglycolate