Sodium Gluconate

Other Trading Names:

  • Gluconic Acid Sodium

CAS Number: 527-07-1

HS Code: 29181600

Types of Packaging:

  • 25kg Bag
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Sodium Gluconate

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Chemical Name

Sodium Gluconate



Molecular Formula


CAS Number



white powder

Grade Standard

Industrial Grade


Soluble in Water, Insoluble in Alcohol

Melting Point

206 ºC

Boiling Point

673.6 °c at 760 Mmhg


0.8 g/cm3 at 20 °C

Chemical Description

  • Sodium Gluconate, identified by the molecular formula C6H11NaO7, is a sodium salt of gluconic acid. This compound appears as a white to yellowish granular or powder substance and is known for its excellent solubility in water and insolubility in alcohol. It is characterized by its chelating properties, making it effective in binding metal ions.
  • In the construction industry, Sodium Gluconate is utilized as a concrete admixture to improve the strength and durability of concrete structures. It acts as a retarder, controlling the setting time and workability of concrete, which is essential for large or complex construction projects.
  • It finds application in the detergent sector as a water softener, preventing the formation of soap scum and enhancing the cleaning efficiency of soaps and detergents by chelating metal ions in hard water.
  • In the pharmaceutical and food industries, Sodium Gluconate serves as an important additive. It functions as a nutrient and preservative in food, enhancing the stability and shelf life of various products. In pharmaceuticals, it's used in formulations to regulate the body's mineral balance.
  • Water treatment processes benefit from Sodium Gluconate's ability to chelate metal ions, aiding in the prevention of corrosion and scaling in pipes and equipment.
  • In cosmetics, this compound is added for its skin-conditioning properties and as a chelating agent, improving product stability and efficacy by binding to metal ions that may be present in formulations.
  • Sodium Gluconate is valued for its eco-friendly profile, being biodegradable and non-toxic to aquatic life. This makes it an attractive option in industries looking to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Due to its chelating abilities, Sodium Gluconate is also employed in metal cleaning and plating processes, effectively removing metal oxide deposits and preventing metal corrosion.
  • Sodium Gluconate is a versatile compound with wide-ranging applications across various industries, appreciated for its chelating properties, solubility, and environmentally friendly nature.
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Sodium Gluconate