Trisodium Phosphate

Other Trading Names:

  • TSP
  • Sodium Phosphate
  • Sodium Phosphate Tribasic
  • Trisodium Orthophosphate

CAS Number: 7601-54-9

HS Code: 28352930

Types of Packaging:

  • 25 Kg Bags
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Trisodium Phosphate

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Chemical Name

Trisodium Phosphate

Cas Number



White or Colourless Crystals



Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight

380.12 g/mol

Melting Point






Water Solubility

Soluble in Water


98% min

Chemical Description

  • Trisodium phosphate is a white or colorless crystalline inorganic substance, also known as TSP.
  • Its molecular formula is Na3PO4, and it is highly soluble in water.
  • This white or colorless crystalline chemical is an excellent ingredient in cleaning products. It is commonly used in household cleaners, detergents, and dishwashing liquids. It effectively removes grease, stains, and dirt, making objects easier to clean.
  • TSP is widely used in metal surface treatment. It can serve as a degreaser and rust remover, eliminating grease and oxides from metal surfaces and providing better adhesion and corrosion resistance.
  • It is commonly used in water treatment processes, especially in boiler water treatment. It can control water hardness, prevent scale and mineral deposits, and protect boilers and heat exchange equipment.
  • Used as an additive in food processing. It can adjust the acidity and alkalinity of food and increase food stability and shelf life. Additionally, it can be used as an acidulant, chelating agent, and leavening agent in food.
  • The high alkalinity of TSP helps in breaking down grease, oils, and other organic substances that are difficult to remove with regular cleaning agents.
  • Trisodium Phosphate has strong degreasing properties, making it particularly effective in removing oily residues and greasy stains. It can be used to clean surfaces such as kitchen countertops, walls, floors, and appliances.
  • It is used as an etching agent for certain metals. It creates a microscopic rough surface on the metal, improving adhesion and promoting better bonding with subsequent coatings or adhesives.
  • It is widely used to remove rust from metal surfaces. It dissolves and loosens rust, making it easier to scrub or scrape off.
  • TSP can be used as an algae control agent in water systems. It inhibits algae growth by depriving them of phosphorus, which is essential for their development. This helps maintain water cleanliness and clarity.
  • TSP is used in various industrial processes, such as metal finishing and electroplating, which help with cleaning, degreasing, and surface preparation.
  • 98% pure TSP is available in 25 Kg bag packaging.
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Trisodium Phosphate