4, 6-Dihydroxy Pyrimidine

Other Trading Names:

  • DHPP
  • Pyrimidine-4,6-diol
  • 2,4-Dihydroxypyrimidine
  • Pyrimidine-4,6(1H,3H)-dione
  • Dihydroxy Pyrimidine

CAS Number: 1193-24-4

HS Code: 29335990

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  • 25 KG/ PP Woven Bag
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4, 6-Dihydroxy Pyrimidine

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White crystalline powder


Highly soluble in water


Stable under recommended storage conditions



Molecular Formula


Melting Point


Boiling Point




Chemical Description

  • 4,6-Dihydroxy Pyrimidine is a vital chemical compound that falls under the pyrimidine family, having a molecular formula of C4H4N2O2.
  • This product is widely utilized in organic synthesis, pharmaceutical research, and academic studies due to its distinctive structure and reactivity.
  • Researchers commonly employ 4,6-Dihydroxy Pyrimidine in the development of diverse pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and materials.
  • Its significance lies in being a pivotal component in nucleotide synthesis, crucial building blocks for DNA and RNA formation.
  • Additionally, it serves as a key ingredient in the creation of specific vitamins, coenzymes, and nutritional supplements.
  • The versatility of 4,6-Dihydroxy Pyrimidine makes it an essential precursor in crafting novel heterocyclic compounds with potential biological activities.
  • Scientists explore this compound's therapeutic properties for treating various ailments, highlighting its potential in pharmaceutical applications.
  • In medicinal chemistry, researchers leverage 4,6-Dihydroxy Pyrimidine to innovate new drug candidates and enhance existing pharmaceutical formulations.
  • Proper handling and storage of 4,6-Dihydroxy Pyrimidine ensure its stability and prolonged shelf life, facilitating ease of use in laboratory settings.
  • The multifaceted nature of 4,6-Dihydroxy Pyrimidine underscores its significance in advancing research, drug development, and scientific discoveries across various disciplines.
  • The synthesis of 4,6-Dihydroxy Pyrimidine involves a series of precise chemical reactions and purification steps to obtain a high-purity compound suitable for research and industrial applications.
  • Its unique molecular structure and properties make it a valuable tool in understanding fundamental principles of organic chemistry and molecular interactions.
  • Researchers often explore the catalytic potential of 4,6-Dihydroxy Pyrimidine in various chemical reactions, harnessing its reactivity to enable complex transformations with high efficiency.
  • The compound's compatibility with diverse solvents and reaction conditions further enhances its utility in synthetic chemistry and drug discovery efforts.
  • The elucidation of the specific biological targets and mechanisms of action associated with 4,6-Dihydroxy Pyrimidine has opened up new avenues for therapeutic intervention and drug design.
  • Collaborative efforts between academia, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutions continue to investigate the full spectrum of applications for this versatile compound.
  • Ongoing studies aim to refine synthetic protocols, optimize yields, and explore novel derivatives of 4,6-Dihydroxy Pyrimidine with enhanced properties and activities.
  • The sustained interest in this compound underscores its enduring relevance in advancing scientific knowledge, technological innovation, and medical breakthroughs.
  • By fostering a deeper understanding of structure-activity relationships and molecular design principles, 4,6-Dihydroxy Pyrimidine contributes significantly to the evolution of modern chemistry and biomedicine.
  • The intricate nature and wide-ranging implications of 4,6-Dihydroxy Pyrimidine underscore its status as a cornerstone in contemporary scientific research and chemical synthesis.
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4, 6-Dihydroxy Pyrimidine