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Ammonium Bisulphite

Other Trading Names:

  • Ammonium Bisulfite
  • Amgard
  • Ammosol
  • Ambersperse
  • Ammonox
  • Ammonclear
  • Ammonium Hydrogen Sulfite
  • Ammonium Hydrogensulfite

CAS Number: 10192-30-0

HS Code: 28321090

Types of Packaging:

  • 1kg Aluminium Foil Bag
  • 25kg Fiber Drum
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Ammonium Bisulphite

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Chemical Name

Ammonium Bisulphite

Molecular Formula


CAS Number



Colorless Or White Crystal With Strong Odor

Grade Standard

Industrial grade


Water Soluble

Melting Point



2.03 g/mL

Chemical Description:

  • Ammonium Bisulphite (NH4HSO3), also known as ammonium hydrogen sulfite, is a chemical compound with the chemical formula NH4HSO3. It exists as colorless crystals, forming a salt-like structure composed of ammonium cations (NH4+) and bisulfite anions (HSO3-).
  • Ammonium Bisulphite is characterized by its colorless crystal appearance and possesses a pungent odor.
  • The compound is soluble in water and exhibits hygroscopic properties, readily absorbing moisture from the surroundings.
  • Ammonium Bisulphite is widely employed in various industrial applications due to its reducing properties.
  • In chemical processes, it serves as a reducing agent, particularly when the removal of oxygen is required.
  • Within the water treatment industry, Ammonium Bisulphite acts as a dechlorination agent, reacting with chlorine in water to form ammonium sulfate and sulfur dioxide, effectively removing chlorine content.
  • In the textile industry, it finds application as a bleach stabilizer and antioxidant during the processing of textiles and fabrics.
  • The compound is utilized in the paper and pulp industry as a pulp bleaching agent, aiding in the extraction of lignin during the pulping process.
  • Ammonium Bisulphite is employed in the preservation of fruits and vegetables, functioning as a food additive to prevent discoloration and maintain freshness.
  • In photography, it plays a role as a fixing agent to remove excess unexposed silver halide from photographic emulsions.
  • In the oil and gas industry, it serves as a scavenger for oxygen removal in drilling fluids and pipelines.
  • Due to its reducing properties, Ammonium Bisulphite is involved in the extraction and refining of metals, particularly in processes where oxygen removal is crucial.
  • The compound is explored in the agricultural sector for potential use as a fertilizer additive, contributing to nutrient availability in the soil.
  • Ammonium Bisulphite is also under investigation for its antimicrobial properties and potential applications in disinfectants and preservatives.
  • Despite its pungent odor and reactivity, proper safety measures are observed during the handling and storage of Ammonium Bisulphite in industrial settings.
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Ammonium Bisulphite