Oxalic acid is an acid with ethanedioic acid as its IUPAC name and formula being HO2C-CO2H. It is the most simple form of dicarboxylic acid. Oxalic acid is a white crystalline solid that dissolves in water to form a colorless solution. Oxalic acid was first generated synthetically in 1776, from a flowering plant of the genus Oxalis, popularly known as wood sorrels. It's naturally found in foods.

Oxalic acid is a toxic organic compound. It is oftentimes used in laundries as an acid rinse, it's effective for the removal of ink and rust stains because of its ability to convert insoluble iron compounds to a soluble complex ion. For this same reason, it's a major constituent of several chemical preparations used in the removal of scales from automobile radiators. Skin contact with oxalic acid or excessive ingestion can be quite dangerous.

1. Chemical Formula Of Oxalic Acid

Oxalic acid is a toxic dicarboxylic acid whose chemical formula is C2H2O4. Oxalic acid is found naturally occurring in the cell saps of Timex and Oxalis plant species as the calcium and potassium salt.

Oxalic acid is a weak acid that only ionizes partially. It has two acidic protons. The first ionization will yield a weak acid HC2O4, which would also ionize.

Oxalic acid is a powerful organic acid that can expel several other acids and carbonic acids from their salts. It is also known as diprotic acid.

2. How Is Oxalic Acid Produced

Oxalic acid can be produced easily through the oxidation of some carbohydrates such as sucrose by concentrated nitric acid. During the oxidation process, the carbon atoms present would split off and give oxalic acid. Herein is the procedure:

  • Put 10gm of cane sugar in a conical flask of 250ml.
  • Put 50ml concentrated nitric acids in a boiling water bath and heat it.
  • Most of the sugar becomes dissolved once the mixture is warm.
  • Keep the wooden surface on after removing the flask. After about 15 minutes pour the hot solution into an evaporating dish, wash the flask with concentrated nitric acids of 10ml and add to the evaporating dish.
  • Evaporate the acidic solution by heating it in the water bath until it reduces in volume to 10ml.
  • Cool the solution by placing it in an ice-water mixture. Oxalic acid will crystallize quickly.
  • Collect the produce on the Bunchner funnel through the pump.
  • Press between the filter paper and air to dry the produce
  • The product is oxalic acid of about 3.5gm.

Oxalic acid can also be manufactured by heating sodium formate while an alkali catalyst is present, through heating sawdust and caustic alkalies, or by fermenting sugar solution while certain molds are present.

3. Is Oxalic Acid Flammable?

Oxalic acid is combustible in its solid state. It violently reacts with oxidizing agents such as chlorine, nitrates, bromine, perchlorates, and chlorites to cause explosions and fire. It also reacts with silver compounds and silver to form explosive silver oxalate. Oxalic acid gets invited through open flames and smoking.

4. Oxalic Acid Vs Oxalic Acid Dihydrate

Oxalic acid occurs in two forms, oxalic acid, and oxalic acid dihydrate. When water of crystallization is present, it is oxalic acid dihydrate. The water of crystallization is the water molecules present in the solids crystal structure as well as in the lattice. Oxalic acid is represented as C2H2O4 while Oxalic Acid dihydrate is represented as C2H2O4•2H2O.

5. Oxalic Acid Powder Vs Oxalic Acid Liquid

The oxalic acid liquid is gotten through the mixture of oxalic acid with water. The oxalic acid liquid is often used as a cleaner and stain remover. The oxalic acid powder is purely oxalic acid. Its bleach-like abilities make it a perfect choice for sterilization. It's often used in the removal of rust from areas such as boats, buildings, sidewalks e.t.c.

6. Manufacturing Industry Uses

Oxalic acid is mostly used in the manufacturing of laundry products, paper, and pulp production. Oxalic acid is used as a bleach in the production of layers. It makes the fibers white, uniform, and bright. It can also be used in the manufacturing of other chemicals such as glyoxylic acid(used in making acrylic fibers such as rayon) and ethylene glycol(antifreeze). Oxalic acid also serves as a reducing agent during the manufacture of titanium, steel, and aluminum alloys.

7. Medical Industry Uses

Oxalic acid is often used by medical practitioners in the treatment of kidney stones that contain calcium oxalate. They often use a catheter to deliver the chemical Into the kidney. Oxalic acid is also used in the purification or dilution of some chemicals.

8. Daily Uses

Oxalic acid is often used as a mordant during the process of dyeing. Oxalic acid is often used in the removal of rust and stain from houses, boats, swimming pools, iron machinery, sidewalks, driveways, trim, stairs, or wood decks. It is used in marble sculptures to make them brighter. It can also be used as a bleach and in the removal of Ink and food stains. It can effectively remove any stains or marks from any object's surface.

9. Oxalic Acid In Food

Oxalic acid is a naturally occurring chemical In some foods. It's usually found in legumes, leafy greens, and some other plants. It can also be found in food such as cocoa, fruits, nuts, star fruit, sweet potato, swiss chard, endive, and turnip greens.

10. How To Buy Oxalic Acid?

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