How To Successfully Import Chemicals to The Central African Republic

Since its independence, the Central African Republic has attempted to attract money and development funds from other countries, including China. Its real GDP is expected to expand by 2.0% in 2023 and 2.9% in 2024, mainly owing to promising prospects in the primary sector (which is expected to grow 4.1% in 2023 and 5.3% in 2024) and the tertiary sector (which is expected to grow 3.2% in 2023 and 3.9% in 2024).

When it comes to competence, resources, infrastructure, and expertise, China is one of the go-to countries. This helps chemical importers in CAR grow revenues and also offers cheap and quick access to more chemicals. Therefore, China is one of the best countries to import chemicals from. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about chemical imports into the Central African Republic.

Introduction To The Central African Republic Chemical Market

Chemical importation into the Central African Republic is one of the most profitable markets that helps expand the country. Agricultural exports and others like manufacturing and food sectors, trade, and telecommunications are projected to drive this expansion. The Central African Republic also has a wealth of natural capital like crude oil, gold, natural gas, diamonds, arable land, and an outstanding forest density of over 87 million cubic meters of viable mixed species.

These sectors need chemicals in good quantity and quality, therefore, there's a need to import from a reputable chemical industry. This will help increase and maintain the country's economy. An overview of these sectors is provided below:


  • Agriculture

The Central African Republic has significant agricultural potential due to its location on a lush plateau with copious water resources. The country relies heavily on basic foodstuffs, and the government has fostered agricultural diversification. The government has also encouraged the production of vegetables for export. Although Central Africans have grown sugarcane and oil palm locally for some time, the country has recently begun efforts to grow both crops on more significant, mechanized plantations. The implication for the chemical market is that farmers will need chemicals to ensure better growth of their crops.


  • Resources and power

The Central African Republic is rich in mineral resources, particularly diamonds, which make up about half of the country's entire export revenues. Smaller amounts of gold, uranium, iron ore, copper, and manganese are mined. The country's waterfalls generate hydroelectric power, and dams on the Mbali Lim River northwest of Bangui produce a larger part of the country's electricity. The importance of quality chemicals in the mining sector can't be overemphasized. Therefore, the Central African Republic is particular about chemical imports from reputable countries.


  • Manufacturing

The Central African Republic's manufacturing sector (sawmills, breweries, and textile manufacturers) is modest when compared to neighboring Cameroon; it's also concentrated almost completely in or near Bangui. Despite its abundant water resources, the country still requires petroleum imports to generate energy. Many large corporations incurred losses as a result of the looting and devastation that happened in the late 1990s; others have become inefficient or have ceased operations. There's a need for chemical importation to revive the country's manufacturing sector.

Flag of The Central African Republic

How Can I Import Chemicals To The Central African Republic From China?

Chemical importation into the Central African Republic is an essential and booming industry. However, understanding the crucial documents is key to a successful import. To clear customs regulations and meet all compliance and law requirements, the importer must complete all necessary import documentation. Below are essential procedures and documents.

Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice (CI) is a document mandated by the customs department in international trade transactions as proof of sale between the buyer and seller. It is issued by the seller following loading or delivery and includes the exact amounts of the products being sent. It should also include specific information like the importer's details, type, price, quantity of product, and payment and delivery terms. Incomplete or erroneous invoices might lead to fines and strained cross-border relationships.

Bill of Lading

A bill of lading is a document attached to freight that indicates the agreement between the shipper and the carrier and governs their relationship while items are being carried. It describes the cargo in the shipment and transfers title or ownership to the importer whose name is on the paperwork. When the goods are being imported by air, it is called an airway bill. A bill of lading is essential to protect the importer's right to their goods and prevent theft.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

COAs are Quality Assurance documents indicating a regulated product fulfills its specifications. They usually contain the actual results of tests performed as part of quality control on a single product batch. A Certificate of Analysis helps to communicate critical product quality information to the company that will manufacture, store, or sell the goods.

A sample of Certificate Of Analysis

Which Companies are Pre-Shipment Inspection and Testing Agents in China?

Before you start your chemical importation, you must note that the pre-shipment inspection method in China is a crucial part of the supply chain management process. It is the final phase in all manufacturing processes. It also helps to confirm that the chemicals packed for shipment are of the right quality and quantity. Below is a list of accredited pre-shipment inspection and testing agents in China for CAR importers:




China Certification & Inspection Group (CCIC)

China - Headquarter

Sanyuan Building, No.18 Xibahe Dongli Chaoyang District.Beijing, P.R.China

Tel: +86 10-8460 3456

Email: [email protected]

Asia Quality Focus

Asia Quality Focus, Room 1318, 13F, 610 Nathan Road, Hollywood Plaza, Mongkok Kowloon,

Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3909 8298

Email: [email protected]


Bureau Veritas

Beijing 7 Layers Huarui Communications Technology Co., Ltd. L

(Electrical & Electronic Products – Wireless)

Yue Tan Nan Str.11. Xi Cheng District, Beijing, China

Tel: +86 10 6805 0368

Email: [email protected]

How To Import Chemicals to The Central African Republic From China: Step By Step

Follow the steps below for a successful and fast chemical importation from China to the Central African Republic:

  • Trade Inquiry

Before you start importing, you must make all necessary inquiries about the market. This way, you'll be adequately informed about every necessary detail about your goods. Trade inquiries include the price and terms under which the exporter supplies their goods.


  • Get your documents ready

Customs delays can be annoying. However, you can easily overcome the stress by having all the required documents ready. This will also make your importation process faster. The necessary documents have been highlighted above to help you in this process.


  • Choose the best supplier

There are many chemical suppliers in China; hence, it's easy to fall into the hands of fake suppliers. Therefore, take your time to choose a reliable and trustworthy supplier. This way, you can rest assured knowing that your goods will reach you at the right time and in perfect condition. Camachem is a recommendable brand you can rely on for the best importation experience into the CAR.


  • Decide a Shipping Method

Before you begin shipping your items, you must select a shipping method. The type of chemical you are importing will determine the shipping method. The amount and weight of the chemicals, as well as your budget and time frame, all influence shipping options. You may also need to talk about the appropriate incoterm for the shipping method.


Importing Chemicals from China into the Central African Republic can increase your profitability while providing access to a diverse and wide range of Chemicals at an affordable price. Due to the nature of chemicals, they require proper handling, which is why several procedures must be completed before you can successfully import and collect your chemicals at any Central African Republic port.  

How Can Camachem Help Me Import Chemicals in The Central African Republic?

Camachem is a reliable company with a wealth of experience in shipping chemicals to different countries across the globe. The company has handled the exportation of chemicals from China to various countries, including the Central African Republic. All you have to do is visit the website, order any chemical of your choice, acquire the appropriate approvals as indicated above, and we will handle the rest.

Our company has exported various chemicals to the Central African Republic through the estuary port of Douala. They include:

  1. DCP
  2. Caustic Soda Flakes
  3. Caustic Soda Pearls
  4. Sodium Bicarbonate
  5. Soda Ash (Dense and Light)
  6. Sodium Metabisulfite (SMBS)
  7. Sodium Sulfide
  8. SLES 70%
  9. Many others

Our company is reputable for producing, packing, and shipping chemicals in large quantities to clients across different continents, including Africa. Therefore, once your documents are in place, you can contact Camachem to import the best chemicals.

Camachem Successfully Exported Chemicals To The Central African Republic 

Camachem preparing Caustic Soda Flakes Shipment in Tianjin for the estuary port of Douala

 A package of Caustic Soda Pearl ready to be imported to the Central African Republic


A package of Caustic Soda Pearl ready to be imported to the Central African Republic

 Camachem Preparing SLES 70 Shipment to the estuary port of Douala

 A chemical ready to be shipped Into Central African Republic


A chemical ready to be shipped Into Central African Republic