Overview of Ferric Chloride

Our client is a leading Chemicals supplier with headquarters in Pakistan. Our client reached out to Camachem because they wanted to partner with one of the finest chemical suppliers that would meet their requirements. There were many reasons that lead to this decision to be made by our client. At Camachem we were able to help our client solve obstacles such as providing bulk quantity at reduced costs while still ensuring our client with high-quality chemicals of Ferric Chloride 40% and 96%.

By choosing Camachem as their supplier, our client was able to successfully conduct the project through trading with us at the cheapest costs.  In this case study, we will discuss how Camachem was able to provide this for our client and how we were able to deliver the product effectively in a timely manner. We will share how we were able to successfully supply the desired quantity of Ferric Chloride to our client in Pakistan. In our blog we talk more about how we export quality chemicals to Pakistan.

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Problems Faced in Ferric Chloride

Shortage of Ferric Chloride Supply

In recent times, different chemical industries are facing a shortage of Ferric Chloride due to the heavy cost of production. Our client faced a similar problem while being one of the top chemical industries in Pakistan. Our client informed us of this problem. With effective communication, we were able to deliver the desired product in a timely manner.

Ferric Chloride High Costs

Due to fluctuating cost of production of Ferric Chloride, it is hard to determine the cost of the project in a given time. The mechanism used to make ferric chloride, whether that involves iron (Fe), hydrochloric acid (HCl) or Ferric Chloride Test, the cost of production always varies due to different factors. In order to avoid the heavy costs to buy the product, many industries have shifted to other products. However, at Camachem, we made sure that our client would receive the desired quantity of product at a reduced cost. We successfully exported Ferric Chloride reducing the cost by 13%.

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What is Ferric Chloride and how is it used?

Ferric Chloride with the chemical formula FeCl3 is an industrial chemical with multiple uses.

  • It is formed from Iron (Fe) and Chloride (Cl).
  • The most popular uses for Ferric Chloride are as a water purifier, an odor agent, and oxidizing/reducing agents in different industries.
  • Primarily, Ferric Chloride is used for purifying water and sewage treatment.
  • In industries, Ferric Chloride is widely used as pigments, oxidizing agent, reducing agent, process regulator and odor agent. In the health industry, essential research is being done on the clinical and therapeutic uses of Ferric Chloride.

Camachem Ferric Chloride

Camachem Ferric Chloride

How Camachem Achieved Results

While supplying a bulk quantity of any chemical solution, we need to take necessary safety measures. Camachem was able to deliver the desired quantity of Ferric Chloride 40% and 96% at a reduced cost under necessary safety precaution.

Camachem Ferric Chloride Supply


Ferric Chloride is shipped in 200kg steel drum and 280kg drum HDPE. Ferric Chloride is shipped in 25kg bags / 1 ton bags

How Camachem Can Help

Our client wanted to purchase the chemical solution in bulk quantity. Camachem was able to deliver the product while cutting cost and saving time.

At Camachem, we have Ferric Chloride for sale.

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