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How to Find Chemical Manufacturers Using Internet Platforms

In the era of global commerce, trading platforms serve as invaluable tools for international businesses seeking chemical suppliers. Leveraging these platforms enables buyers to efficiently explore a diverse array of global suppliers, streamline procurement processes, and establish fruitful partnerships in the dynamic landscape of the chemical industry.

I. Search Engines

Most obvious place to start your research. Search engines help you quickly find suppliers online, making it easy to learn about their products and decide who to work with for your needs. We have highlighted some key ones below (click on the logo to access the site). They include:

1. Google

The largest search engine in the world is the most obvious place to start.


2.   Yahoo

A search engine and web portal that can be used for chemical sourcing, providing access to various suppliers and products.

While Google and Yahoo are not dedicated e-commerce platforms, they can be used to search for chemical manufacturers and suppliers online.


3.   Baidu


China's leading search engine, useful for chemical sourcing within the Chinese market and connecting buyers with local suppliers.

Baidu is still the most powerful search engine for China.

II. Trading Platforms

Better than search engines due to focus on commerce and training. Trading platforms are useful because they help you easily find and connect with suppliers online, making it simple to discover the right ones for your needs.

1.   Amazon

Using Amazon to Find Chemical Suppliers

An online marketplace providing a platform for purchasing various chemical products from different suppliers.

2.   Alibaba

Using Alibaba to Find Chemical Suppliers

A global e-commerce platform connecting buyers and sellers, offering a wide range of chemical products and suppliers.

May be the best place to search for low chemical prices.

III. Chemical Trading Platforms

Even Better than general trading platforms as they focus specifically on the chemical industry. Chemical trading platforms are helpful because they make it easy for you to find and connect with companies that sell chemicals, allowing you to discover the right suppliers for your chemical needs.

1.   Chemondis

Using Chemondis to Find Chemical Suppliers

Mainly for Europe based buyers you can link directly with mainly European suppliers on their platform


2.   Echemi

Using Echemi to Find Chemical Suppliers

A new platform that host both large and small chemical companies, more focused than Alibaba for China suppliers


3.   Carbanio

Using Carbanio to Find Chemical Suppliers

Another chemical platform with a deep focus on Indian suppliers and a large number of chemical products


4.   Okchem

Using Okchem to Find Chemical Suppliers

Another chemical platform that states 1m SKUs, there is no shortage of global suppliers and products available on their platform


5.   Aladdin

Using Aladdin to Find Chemical Suppliers

If you are looking for very small quantity (i.e. laboratory usage), this is a good platform to consider


6.   Sigma Aldrich

Using Sigma Aldrich to Find Chemical Suppliers

A renowned chemical company and supplier, now part of Merck, providing a vast catalog of high-quality chemicals, reagents, and laboratory products for scientific research and industrial applications.


7.   ChemNet

Using chemNet to Find Chemical Suppliers

A platform focused on chemical trading, providing a marketplace for buyers and sellers in the chemical industry.


IV. Trade Data Based Platforms

Trade data platforms are useful because they help you find the right suppliers by providing information on companies, products, and trade activities. By using these platforms, you can easily analyze market trends, assess potential suppliers, and make informed decisions for your business.

1.   Panjiva

Using Panjiva to Find Chemical Suppliers

A global trade data platform that provides insights into suppliers, manufacturers, and products, helping businesses make informed decisions in the supply chain by offering visibility into global trade activities and supplier information.

Best since data shows suppliers actual trades, buyers, quantities, frequencies and other important trade data.

You can get some useful data on FREE version.

2.   Import Genius

Using Import Genius to Find Chemical Suppliers

Import Genius is a trade data platform providing insights into global shipping activities, allowing users to track shipments, analyze market trends, and discover potential suppliers.

3.   ImportYeti

Using ImportYeti to Find Chemical Suppliers

ImportYeti is a platform that offers import-export data, helping businesses track shipments, monitor competitors, and identify new suppliers for informed decision-making.

4.   TradeData.Pro

Using TradeDatapro to Find Chemical Suppliers

TradeData.Pro is a trade intelligence platform providing comprehensive import and export data, aiding businesses in market analysis, supplier identification, and making strategic trade decisions.


Using to Find Chemical Suppliers is a trade data platform that offers real-time import-export data, enabling businesses to find new suppliers, analyze market trends, and make data-driven decisions in global trade.

V. Sourcing Companies

Sourcing agents are helpful because they assist you in finding the right suppliers for what you need, making the process of buying things smoother and more efficient.

Sourcing agents are helpful because they assist you in finding the right suppliers for what you need, making the process of buying things smoother and more efficient. Some examples include:

1. Flexport

Using Flexport to Find Chemical Suppliers

Known for its international logistics expertise, Flexport provides comprehensive sourcing agent services to help businesses procure products globally.


2. PCH International

Using PCH International to Find Chemical Suppliers

Offering end-to-end product development and supply chain solutions, PCH assists businesses in sourcing, manufacturing, and delivering products on a global scale.


3. LeelineSourcing

Using LeelineSourcing to Find Chemical Suppliers

LeelineSourcing is a global sourcing agent company based in the USA that assists businesses in finding manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, ensuring efficient procurement processes.

They provide low cost options for those on a budget


4. Intertek

Using Intertek to Find Chemical Suppliers

Headquartered in the UK, Intertek provides sourcing and quality assurance services, helping businesses source products globally while ensuring quality and compliance.



Using QIMA to Find Chemical Suppliers

Based in Luxembourg, QIMA offers sourcing and supplier management services, specializing in quality control and compliance to facilitate global procurement for businesses.

It's recommended to research and review each company's specific services and customer feedback to ensure they meet your unique global procurement needs.

VI. Site Visits - Best Option!

Camachem Site Visit

Camachem customer on a site visit to a DCP manufacturing plant accompanied by senior production officers and international staff

Nothing beats the traditional site visit to discuss cooperation and conduct due diligence on your suppliers. Visiting a supplier's place is the best way to check if they are good before buying. It helps you see how they make things, make sure the quality is good, and talk directly with them to make sure everything is clear and honest. Some other key reasons to visit are:

1. Quality Assurance: A site visit allows firsthand assessment of a supplier's facilities, production processes, and quality control measures. Observing the manufacturing environment and inspecting equipment provides insights into the supplier's commitment to quality, adherence to industry standards, and overall production capabilities.

SGS Logo BV Logo

2. Risk Mitigation: By physically visiting a potential supplier, you can identify potential risks and assess the overall reliability of the operation. This includes evaluating factors such as the supplier's financial stability, compliance with safety regulations, and the general working conditions of the facility. A site visit helps in mitigating the risk of unexpected issues that might not be apparent through remote communication or documentation alone.

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3. Relationship Building: Face-to-face interactions during a site visit foster stronger relationships between the buyer and the supplier. Building a personal connection with key personnel can enhance communication, trust, and collaboration. Understanding the supplier's values and culture can contribute to a more sustainable and mutually beneficial long-term partnership.

Chemical Manufacturer Site Visit


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