What is Alkyl hydroxamic acid?

Alkyl Hydroximic Acid is an inorganic compound with a carbonyl function group. It is an Industrial Chemical, used as a collector and floatation agent.

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Alkyl hydroxamic acid


What is Alkyl hydroxamic acid used for?

Following are the application of Alkyl hydroxamic acid:

  • In the mining industry, Alkyl hydroxamic acid is widely employed as a flotation collector for rare earth minerals such as gallium, germanium etc. The mineral particles separate as froth and float to the surface during the flotation process, while the tailings sink at the bottom of the flotation tank.
  • Alkyl hydroxamic acid can collect wolframite, copper oxide ores, titanic iron, hematite, and niobium ores, among other minerals.
  • It has a strong ability to extract a variety of non-ferrous metals.
  • This chemical is a powerful floater of cobalt and copper in an alkaline environment.
  • It could be utilized as a metal chelator as well.
  • In coordinate chemistry, hydroxamates are effective ligands.


What is the Chemical Formula of Alkyl hydroxamic acid?

Alkyl Hydroximic Acid has the typical configuration RC(O)N(OH)R', where R and R' are organic residues. CnH(2n+1)NO2 is the molecular formula, with n = 5-9.


Is Alkyl hydroxamic acid harmful to life? 

Since Alkyl hydroxamic acid is surface active and has a low molecular weight, it is likely to have irritating characteristics. It can penetrate the epidermis and inhibit specific enzymes, such as urease, increasing the risk of skin sensitization. On top of that, Alkyl Hydroximic Acid shows high protein reactivity so, inhaling or ingesting this chemical should be avoided.


Where is Alkyl hydroxamic acid found? What does Alkyl hydroxamic acid look like?

Alkyl hydroxamic acid can be produced in industries by combining esters or acid chlorides with hydroxylamine salts. It can also be produced by the Angeli-Rimini reaction, which involves the reaction of aldehydes and N-sulfonylhydroxylamine.

It is a thick viscous liquid with a dark red color and no noticeable odor. The thick liquid tends to solidify under the temperature of 15 ºC.

Alkyl hydroxamic acid for sale at Camachem

Alkyl hydroxamic acid


What are the Hazardous effects of Alkyl hydroxamic acid? 

Alkyl Hydroximic Acid exposure is hazardous to both humans and the environment. Even though it does not pose a fire or explosion risk, it should only be stored and handled by a trained individual.


What are precautionary measures necessary to be taken to handle Alkyl hydroxamic acid? 

Alkyl hydroxamic acid should only be stored and handled by a trained specialist to avoid any unwanted situations. Proper workplace hygiene measures and the usage of protective equipment are required all the time. Furthermore, to avoid solidification, this chemical must be stored in an atmosphere free of water, high heat from fire and sunshine, and temperatures above 15°C.


What will happen if Alkyl hydroxamic acid is heated?

Alkyl hydroxamic acid decomposes into its constituent on heating. However, amines can be produced when it is cooked at a higher temperature for a longer period in the presence of acid reagents.


Is Alkyl hydroxamic a soluble compound?

Alkyl Hydroximic Acid is soluble in water as well as in a variety of organic solutions.


Where can I buy Alkyl hydroxamic acid?

Here at Camachem, Alkyl Hydroximic Acid is for sale. These chemicals can be supplied in Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) drums and plastic barrels of various sizes if you need a large quantity. Camachem has been selling alkyl hydroxamic acid directly to customers all over the world.

Alkyl hydroxamic acid for sale at Camachem

Alkyl hydroxamic acid Packaging


How much does Alkyl hydroxamic acid cost?

The cost of raw materials, shipping, and other industrial inputs are generally a factor in the pricing. The price per tonne is around $1500.00.

Alkyl hydroxamic acid for sale at Camachem

Alkyl hydroxamic acid cost


What is the PH of Alkyl hydroxamic acid? 

Although Alkyl Hydroximic Acid is a weak acid with a PH near 6 to 7, it is adjusted to a higher PH during flotation and collection because it is more effective at a higher PH.


Is Alkyl hydroxamic acid an Electrolyte compound?

Alkyl Hydroximic Acid does not break down into its ions or produce electricity. As a result, it isn't considered electrolytic.


Can Alkyl hydroxamic acid go down the drain?

Since Alkyl Hydroximic Acid is a toxic chemical, it should not be disposed of in the environment through drains. It has the potential to disrupt aquatic ecosystems and cause bioaccumulation. As a result, spills or accidental releases of this chemical should be contained, collected, and safely disposed of.


What is the difference between Alkyl hydroxamic acid and Sodium Alkyl Hydroxamic Acid?

Both of these chemicals have similar physical properties and are used for a similar application, flotation. However, because they have different chemical formulas and qualities, Alkyl hydroxamic acid is less expensive than Sodium alkyl hydroxamic acid.