Butanediol Monovinyl Ether is also known as 4-Hydroxybutyl Vinyl Ether or Tetramethylene Glycol-monovinyl Ether. The chemical is an organic compound from the group of Vinyl Ether.  When 1,4-butanediol reacts with ethyne and potassium hydroxide, it yields Butanediol Monovinyl Ether.

Butanediol Monovinyl Ether for sale on Camachem

Butanediol Monovinyl Ether


What is Butanediol Monovinyl Ether used for?

Butanediol Monovinyl Ether has a range of applications. The chemical compound can be used in the following ways;


  • It is used as a cement additive in the construction industry.
  • When applying a UV-curing paint, Butanediol Monovinyl Ether can serve as a reactive thinner for best results.
  • It is used in the making of macromonomers, monomers, and vinyl copolymers.
  • Plastic making industry makes use of the compound as a solvent when making elastic fibers, plastics, and polyurethanes.
  • It serves as chemical reagents for different industries.

What is the chemical formula of Butanediol Monovinyl Ether?

Butanediol Monovinyl Ether is a chemical compound from the vinyl Ether group. The chemical formula of the compound is C6 H12 O2.

Is Butanediol Monovinyl Ether harmful to life?

Butanediol Monovinyl Ether is always labeled with GHS hazard. This label means that the chemical is toxic and harmful to life. Likewise, when the vapor of the compound mixes with air, it can cause an explosion.

Where is Butanediol Monovinyl Ether found and what does it look like?

Butanediol Monovinyl Ether can be produced by the reaction of ethyne and 1,4- butanediol in the presence of potassium. The chemical compound is a liquid with a molar mass of 116.16g/mol with a density of 0.95g/cm3. The compound is soluble in water. The compound is colorless and has an ethereal odor.

Butanediol Monovinyl Ether for sale on Camachem

A portion of Butanediol Monovinyl Ether in a 250ml beaker.

What are the hazardous effects of Butanediol Monovinyl Ether?

Butanediol Monovinyl Ether is highly toxic. It is harmful when swallowed as it can greatly damage the oral system. The chemical compound is dangerous to the eyes and can cause irritation and other eye damages. Likewise, the compound is hazardous to aquatic life.

What are precautionary measures to handle Butanediol Monovinyl Ether?

When handling Butanediol Monovinyl Ether, ensure to consider the following:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly after handling chemicals.
  • Do not eat or drink while handling chemicals.
  • Avoid the release of the chemical into the environment.
  • Make use of protective gloves, eye protection, and a protective apron while using the chemical.

What will happen if Butanediol Monovinyl Ether is heated?

Butanediol Monovinyl Ether is an inflammable substance. You should desist from heating such substances as it can lead to an explosion.

Is Butanediol Monovinyl Ether soluble?

The chemical compound Butanediol Monovinyl Ether is a liquid and is soluble in water. The solubility in water occurs at a temperature of 20°C for every 75g/l. You can find all Butanediol Monovinyl Ether specifications on the Camachem quotation page.

Where can I buy Butanediol Monovinyl Ether?

Butanediol Monovinyl Ether is available on Camachem. It is available in two types of packaging. The first package is an Intermediate Bulk Container of 1000kg capacity per drum. The second package is a galvanized steel drum with a capacity of 190kg per drum.

Butanediol Monovinyl Ether for sale at Camachem

Butanediol Monovinyl Ether in drums at Camachem

How much does Butanediol Monovinyl Ether cost?

On the Camachem quotation request page for Butanediol Monovinyl Ether, the estimated price is $7,260 per ton. However, the price of chemicals varies on the cost of production. You might need to request a quotation for further clarification.

Can Butanediol Monovinyl Ether go down the drain?

You can dispose of Butanediol Monovinyl Ether by flushing down the drain. However, you must ensure the drainage leads to a secured sewage system. The compound must not be flushed into a river as it is dangerous to aquatic life.