Butyl Vinyl Ether is an organic compound with different names. It is otherwise known as Butoxyethylene and 1- (Ethenyloxy) butane. It is a chemical compound from the group called Enol Ethers. It is majorly used as a reagent for organic chemicals.

Butyl Vinyl Ether for sale on Camachem

Butyl Vinyl Ether

What is Butyl Vinyl Ether used for?

Butyl Vinyl Ether is used for different purposes. Some of its applications are as follows:

  • The chemical compound is used in hybrid radiation curing as a reactive diluent.
  • It is also used for the production of chemicals like polyvinyl ether.
  • It is specially used as a reagent in the reaction of organic chemicals.
  • It is also applied in the synthesis of strong inhibitors for PDE5.
  • It is used in pharmaceutical companies for the creation of cancer therapies.

What is the chemical formula of Butyl Vinyl Ether?

Butyl Vinyl Ether is an organic compound that belongs to the group of Enol Ethers. Its chemical formula is represented by C6 H12 0.

Is Butyl Vinyl Ether harmful to life?

The compound Butyl Vinyl Ether is harmful to life if not properly handled. The chemical is corrosive to the skin. Likewise, it is a highly inflammable substance.

Where is Butyl Vinyl Ether found and what does it look like?

Butyl Vinyl Ether is manufactured through the process called ethynylation. It involves the reaction of acetylene and n-butyl alcohol. The physical state of the compound is liquid. It also has an ethereal odor. More specifications about the chemical can be found on Camachem.

Butyl Vinyl Ether for sale on Camachem

Butyl Vinyl Ether in a beaker.

What are the hazardous effects of Butyl Vinyl Ether?

Butyl Vinyl Ether is a highly inflammable substance. The compound must not be exposed to fire or flame to avoid explosion and skin burn. Likewise, the chemical is corrosive and can cause skin irritation.

What are precautionary measures necessary to be taken to handle Butyl Vinyl Ether?

To properly handle Butyl Vinyl Ether, you must take the following precautionary measures:

  • Keep chemicals away from fire, open flames, or sparks.
  • Keep the container tightly closed.
  • Avoid breathing in vapor from the chemical.
  • Wear protective gloves, a protective apron, and eye cover when handling chemicals.

What will happen if Butyl Vinyl Ether is heated?

It is advisable not to heat Butyl Vinyl Ether as it is an inflammable substance. Exposure to fire may result in an explosion and other fire hazards.

Where can I buy Butyl Vinyl Ether?

You can buy Butyl Vinyl Ether on Camachem. You have access to two types of packages of Butyl Vinyl Ether. There is an IBC drum package of 1000kg/drum and a plastic drum with a capacity of 150kg/drum.

Butyl Vinyl Ether for sale on Camachem

A drum containing Butyl Vinyl Ether.

How much does Butyl Vinyl Ether cost?

The price of Butyl Vinyl Ether as seen on Camachem is $3,850 per ton. However, you must understand that the price of chemicals varies with the cost of production. You may need to request a free quotation to ascertain the price of the chemical.

Can Butyl Vinyl Ether go down the drain?

Yes, you can dispose of Butyl Vinyl Ether by flushing it down the drain. However, you must ensure the drainage leads to a secure sewage system. This is important to avoid exposure of the chemical to the environment or waterways.

Is Butyl Vinyl Ether acidic or basic?

Although the chemical is an organic compound, the reactivity profile of Butyl Vinyl Ether shows that it can act as a base. The chemical is capable of forming salt when reacting with strong acids.