What is Ferric Chloride?

Ferric Chloride is an inorganic compound obtained from the reaction of Iron and Chlorine. It belongs to the category of water chemicals. It is also known as Iron (III) Chloride.

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Ferric Chloride.


What is Ferric Chloride used for?

Ferric Chloride finds the majority of its usage in water treatment. However, you can also apply it in various places. The chemical compound can be used as follow:

  • It is used for water purification, industrial waste treatment, and sewage treatment.
  • It is used in the coagulation of drinking water and also for the eutrophication of the water body.
  • In aromatic compounds chlorination, Ferric Chloride can serve as a Lewis acid.
  • It is used in water treatment for the precipitation of phosphate to Iron (III) phosphate.
  • It helps in controlling bad odor in water bodies.
  • It is used to determine the presence of phenol and to check the purity of synthesized aspirin.


What is the chemical formula of Ferric Chloride?

Ferric Chloride is a compound combining Iron and Chlorine. The chemical formula is represented as FeCl3.


Is Ferric Chloride harmful to life?

Ferric Chloride is a toxic chemical substance. It is harmful to the human skin and can cause skin irritation. It is also corrosive to the eye. It is dangerous when ingested and can result in throat burn, choking unconsciousness, and death.


Where is Ferric Chloride found, and what does it look like?

Ferric Chloride is majorly prepared in the treatment of Iron with Chlorine. Likewise, it can also be prepared when Iron ore is dissolved in Hydrochloric acid. Re oxidation of Iron (II) Chloride with either Chlorine or Oxygen will also yield Ferric Chloride.

Ferric Chloride in an anhydrous state will have a crystalline structure. The color of the chemical compound depends on the viewing angle as it can be seen as dark green, yellow, or purple-red. However, it is brown as an aqueous solution. The chemical has an odor of slight hydrochloric acid.


What are the hazardous effects of Ferric Chloride?

Ferric Chloride is toxic to the human eye and skin. The hazardous effects are skin irritation, blindness, and cornea damage. When inhaled, it can cause damage to the lung and result in choking. Ingestion can lead to unconsciousness or death.


What are the precautionary measures necessary to be taken to handle Ferric Chloride?

To safely handle Ferric Chloride, you must take the following precautions:

  • Keep the chemical away from heat, direct sunlight, and incandescent light while handling.
  • Do not add water to chemicals.
  • Make use of a protective apron, gloves, and eye protection when handling the chemical.
  • Use respiratory equipment to avoid inhalation of the chemical.


What will happen if Ferric Chloride is heated?

When Ferric Chloride is heated with Iron (III) Oxide, it yields Iron Oxychloride. It must be heated to a temperature of 350°C.


Is Ferric Chloride soluble?

Ferric Chloride is soluble in cold water. It is also highly soluble in methanol and diethyl ether.


Where can I buy Ferric Chloride?

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Ferric Chloride for sale on Camachem.

Ferric Chloride.


How much does Ferric Chloride cost?

The estimated price of Ferric Chloride per Ton is $230. Nonetheless, the cost of chemicals varies with the cost of production. You may need to use the free quotation option to get a quotation for your desired quantity.

Ferric Chloride for sale on Camachem.

Ferric Chloride.


What is the pH of Ferric Chloride?

Ferric Chloride is acidic. It has a pH value of 1.


Is Ferric Chloride an electrolyte compound?

Ferric Chloride is a strong acid. As such, it can serve as an electrolyte compound.


Can Ferric Chloride go down the drain?

Ferric Chloride reacts negatively with water. It is advisable not to dispose of the drain. You can call for help if there is a need to dispose of Ferric Chloride.


Is Ferric Chloride acidic or basic?

Ferric Chloride has a pH value of 2, which is lesser than the neutral 7. As such, the chemical is acidic.


What is the difference between Ferric Chloride and Iron (II) Chloride?

Unlike Ferric Chloride, Iron (II) Chloride is specially used in the flocculation of wastewater containing sulfides or chlorates. It is also used as a reagent in organic synthesis.