What is Poly Vinyl Chloride?

Poly Vinyl Chloride is a special use chemical produced by polymerization of vinyl chloride monomers. It is a white powder chemical known to be one of the most produced chemicals. The chemical is also known as PVC Homopolymer Resin and White powder PVC resin. PVC has different grades, which determines its usefulness.

Poly Vinyl Chloride for sale on Camachem

Poly Vinyl Chloride


What is Poly Vinyl Chloride used for?

Poly Vinyl Chloride is a chemical that is useful in many industries. Some of its uses are highlighted below:

  • The chemical is used in the production of insulating material in electrical engineering.
  • It is also used in the production of plastics, leather, and packaging materials.
  • A grade of PVC is used for manufacturing welding rods, hardboards, and transparent foils.
  • A large percentage of PVC is used in the production of pipes and similar plumbing materials.
  • It can be used to make window frames and to replace cast iron in construction and house building.
  • PVC can be used to manufacture clothing materials that are water and heat resistant. You can also use it to produce shoes, bags, aprons, and jackets.
  • It produces healthcare materials such as blood components containers, blood tubes, and other plastic devices.


What is the chemical formula of Poly Vinyl Chloride?

Poly Vinyl Chloride is a chemical compound composed of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Chlorine. The chemical formula is represented as (C2H3Cl)n.


Is Poly Vinyl Chloride harmful to life?

Poly Vinyl Chloride does not have a chronic harmful effect on human life. However, the chemical can be slightly harmful. Exposure to the chemical can irritate the skin and eyes. Inhalation can also result in irritation of the lungs.


Where is Poly Vinyl Chloride found, and what does it look like?

The PVC polymer was originally discovered in a neglected flask of Vinyl Chloride. The production of the chemical is done by polymerization of Vinyl Chloride monomers. The process involves suspension, emulsion, and bulk polymerization. PVC is white with a brittle solid shape. It is odorless and insoluble in water.


What are the hazardous effects of Poly Vinyl Chloride?

Poly Vinyl Chloride is mildly dangerous. It has an acute health effect on the human body. When the chemical is exposed to the eye, it can result in eye irritation, redness, and watering. Inhalation of the chemical can result in irritation of the mucus membrane and the lungs. Exposing the chemical to the skin can result in irritation of the skin and inflammation.


What are the precautionary measures necessary to be taken to handle Poly Vinyl Chloride?

To safely handle Poly Vinyl Chloride, the following safety measures must be put in place:

  • Wear a protective apron, gloves, and eye protection when handling the chemical.
  • Make use of impervious boots to protect the leg.
  • Do not eat, drink, or smoke while handling the chemical.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the chemical. Emergency washing areas should be available where chemicals are being used.
  • Use chemicals in a well-ventilated environment. Ensure to make use of a dust respirator also.


What will happen if Poly Vinyl Chloride is heated?

Although Poly Vinyl Chloride is an inflammable substance, it has a poor heat stability property. When heated to a temperature of 60°C, the chemical will experience distortion.


Is Poly Vinyl Chloride soluble?

Poly Vinyl Chloride is insoluble in water and alcohol. It is slightly soluble in tetrahydrofuran. The chemical is soluble in fatty chloro-hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons.


Where can I buy Poly Vinyl Chloride?

Standard Poly Vinyl Chloride SG5 is available for sale on Camachem. It is sold in 25kg plastic bags packages. Camachem is known as a foremost supplier that ships chemicals from China to clients across the world.

Poly Vinyl Chloride for sale on Camachem

Poly Vinyl Chloride


How much does Poly Vinyl Chloride cost?

The cost of chemicals varies with respect to the cost of production. However, the estimated price of Poly Vinyl Chloride on Camachem is $940. You can make use of the free quotation option to get a detailed quotation for your desired quantity.

Poly Vinyl Chloride for sale on Camachem

Poly Vinyl Chloride


What is the pH of Poly Vinyl Chloride?

No pH value applies to the chemical Poly Vinyl Chloride.


Is Poly Vinyl Chloride and electrolyte compound?

Poly Vinyl Chloride is an industrial chemical. It is not an electrolyte compound.


Can Poly Vinyl Chloride go down the drain?

Poly Vinyl Chloride cannot be disposed of by flushing down the drain. The proper disposal methods are incineration, landfilling, gasification, and pyrolysis.


Is Poly Vinyl Chloride acidic or basic?

Poly Vinyl Chloride is resistant to acid, base, and salt. Therefore, it cannot be regarded as either acid or base.


What is the difference between Poly Vinyl Chloride and Polyethylene?

Polyethylene, unlike PVC, has its primary application in the plastic making industry. It is used in the production of plastic bags, bottles, geomembranes, and plastic films.