What is PolyDADMAC?

PolyDADMAC, or Polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride, is a cationic polymer (Polyelectrolyte) that is used as an Industrial Chemical. It is known for coagulation and flocculation.

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What is PolyDADMAC used for?

  • An electrolyte solution in drug delivery, chemical sensors, and biomedical systems.
  • It serves as flocculant in wastewater and water treatment.
  • Used in mining and mineral processing to treat different mud types.
  • Used as a non-formaldehyde color fixing agent in the textile industry.
  • Produces conductive paper in the papermaking industry.
  • Used in various domestic products like shampoos and conditioners.
  • Used as the coagulating agent in water purification.


What is the Chemical Formula of PolyDADMAC?



Is PolyDADMAC harmful to life?

There is no acute harm to human health observed from PolyDADMAC. There isn’t enough evidence at this time to weigh the health effects of this chemical.


Where is PolyDADMAC found? What does PolyDADMAC look like?

PolyDADMAC is a synthesized chemical made by the polymerization of DADMAC with a catalyst. It is a transparent liquid with a slightly yellowish color.

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What are the Hazardous Effects of PolyDADMAC?

PolyDADMAC is readily biodegradable and is not generally toxic to life in the environment. There are, however, minor acute and chronic toxicity levels to aquatic life.


What are precautionary measures necessary to be taken to handle PolyDADMAC?

  • PolyDADMAC is not classified as hazardous. However, standard precautionary measures need to be practiced.
  • Avoid contact with your eyes. When you make eye contact, immediately and thoroughly wash your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. Get medical help if the irritation continues.
  • Upon skin contact, thoroughly wash the skin with soap for 10 to 15 minutes. Don’t wear contaminated clothing before cleaning.
  • Wear protective gloves, goggles, and clothing.
  • Don’t dispose of the chemical in sewers and waterways.
  • Use a proper ventilation system and respiratory protection in mist or spray.


What will happen if PolyDADMAC is heated?

Heating PolyDADMAC can produce hydrogen chloride gas or oxides of carbon and nitrogen – sometimes both.


Is PolyDADMAC a soluble compound?

Yes, it is 100% soluble in water.


Where can I buy PolyDADMAC?

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Camachem is an international supplier of industrial chemicals like PolyDADMAC. With a stellar reputation around the globe, Camachem is the ideal choice for industrial-level chemicals in bulk.


How much does PolyDADMAC cost?

The FOB price for PolyDADMAC at Camachem is $1000 per ton. The cost of chemicals is dependant on a number of variables like raw materials cost and market conditions.


What is the PH of PolyDADMAC?

The pH lies between 4 and 8.


Is PolyDADMAC an Electrolyte compound?

Yes, it’s a polyelectrolyte.


Can PolyDADMAC go down the drain?

No, PolyDADMAC is mildly toxic to aquatic life and should not go down the drain.


Is PolyDADMAC Acidic or Basic?

It is a slightly acidic solution.


What is the difference between PolyDADMAC and PolyDADEPC?

PolyDADEPC is a phosphonium coagulant polymer that is used as a viable alternative to PolyDADMAC. Unlike PolyDADMAC, PolyDADEPC does not produce nitrosated by-products in the chloramination process.